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For you, we have combined and matched the best silicone escorts on the market with our immersive OMD™VR technology. We have defined, developed and perfected the concept of immersive sex with 100% Canadian skills! See why thousands of people have already chosen the Ohmydoll experience!

Have you ever dreamed of participating to an orgy with a very hot ladies? Have you ever thought about being invited into a sexy girl’s bed while travelling to exotic cities and countries like Miami and Russia without being physically there? All that is now possible without moving from the bedroom. Our sex dolls connected to Virtual reality experiences will make your fantasies real. Nothing to compare with what you already experienced in your life.

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So, what makes OMD VR experience so exciting? Well, our VR technology takes you from being a voyeur to becoming a sex participant. Instead of watching sex as a passive observer from a distance, with one click, you are dropped directly inside the fully immersive scenes we prepared for you...Our effort in bringing high quality immersive sexual experience to Canada and to the rest of the world has finally paid off. Book now and experience 100% satisfaction with only a few clicks!

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Your safety and your privacy

We are a real business. we respect the law and our activity is 100% legal. when you use our escorts service, you don’t break any law and you’ll not be targeted by the new SPVM Program called Radar.

Your privacy is important to us.  Our system is designed to provide you with discreet measures concerning reservations, payments and anything else.

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Hygiene is crucial to us

Our companion dolls are sterilized and 100% hygienic upon delivery.

Oh My Doll is for everyone!

Looking for the miracle solution to sex without hassle? Seeking to substitute traditional escorts services with dubious quality / price ratios? Looking for new thrills or new adventures? If you’ve answered yes to one of the above questions, you have knocked on the right door. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD… TO YOUR NEW WORLD.