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Sonia : En Quebec y Edmonton, ¡prepárate para que tus niveles de testosterona se disparen con la presencia de esta seductora modelo asiática! Para nuestros estimados visitantes de Edmonton, ofrecemos con orgullo una selección de tres cautivadoras modelos Sonia entre las que elegir.

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Body Rub 2.0 Sonia

(Latest Review)  Mike-L – December 05, 2023

Insane! One thing to say, man you gotta try it, its outta this world .. ⇒ ACCESS ALL REVIEWS


Reservas : Texto (825) 419-4040(EDM) / (438) 320-0866(MTL & QC)

Info : Texto (825) 419-4040 (EDM) / (438) 320-0866 (MTL & QC)




*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30
*2DAMAS / $250 / 2HORAS
 Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2DAMAS / $250 / 1H30
*2DAMAS / $300 / 2HORAS
-OMD™ VR DELUXE PRO V1 INCLUDED Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2DAMAS / $300 / 1H30
*2DAMAS / $350 / 2HORAS


-OMD™ VR DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow)  INCLUDED – Technologies designed by BrainWavesXR ( Reservation – On-Site Valet Service – VIP Rooms – Condoms & Non-Alcoholic Drinks Included – FREE DEMO ON-SITE
4 reviews
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4 reviews for Sonia : In Quebec City and Edmonton, get ready for your testosterone levels to soar with the presence of this alluring Asian model! For our esteemed visitors in Edmonton, we proudly offer a selection of three captivating Sonia models to choose from.

  1. Mike-L
    Insane! One thing to say, man you gotta try it, its outta this world
  2. D.Flint
    Visiting from the US, Montreal in december. I found about your corporation on a sexual wellness blog describing your original and quite unique experiences. I'll contact you soon, my name is Christopher and i hope that you'll be able to book me when the time is right.
  3. Vic.S
    Surreal and unique, that's the words i have in mind when i write about how it feels. The dolls penetration is natural, condoms are provided but i din't feel the need to use some as the dolls are cleaned after every use and the business looks really professional and one that I can trust..and to add to that viruses could not stay alive outside human body, which makes me feel more safe. The flow tech provided with the VR excellence package is the most amazing part of the experience, my entire body was shaking from over stimulation , my brain was kind of disconnected from myself. It's totally unique feelings, amazing ones. At the end, they give you a tablet survey of one minute to fill up, i had to process what i felt at home because i stayed in a state of disbelief that this kind of VR technology (the flow) could impact my brain in such a way i never ever thought possible.
    A new model into our collection (Available only in Edmonton and QC city) 3 Sonias in Edmonton and 2 in QC City. Un nouveau modèle dans notre collection (Disponible à Edmonton et Québec) 3 Sonias pour Edmonton et deux pour Québec. Le plaisir ne s'arrête pas !
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