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(Latest Review)  JT – December 01, 2022

It’s totally insane how the employees are accommodating there, i felt myself with friends and not like it was a business transaction. Expect to have pleasure but also laughs. I’m speaking about Edmonton location to be exact. It seems they broug … ⇒ ACCESS ALL REVIEWS


Reservations And Business Hours

TEXT 438-320-0866 (QC) / 438-921-6311 (QC)
TEXT  / 587-936-2341 (AB) / 825-888-0011 (AB)

Booking hours: 7 days per week from 7AM to 11PM
Opening hours: 7 days per week from 8AM to 11:45PM
Book in advance by texting to 4383200866 / 4389216311 / 5879362341 / 8258880011. Ohmydoll.ca has earned the highest customer loyalty and satisfaction rates in the industry, accumulating even a waiting list for certain periods. So don’t be last minute, we would not like to disappoint you !!








*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $250 / 2HOURS
Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2 LADIES / $250 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $300 / 2HOURS
-OMD™ VR DELUXE PRO V1 INCLUDED Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2 LADIES / $300 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $350 / 2HOURS
-OMD™ VR DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow)  INCLUDED – Technologies designed by BrainWavesXR (https://brainwavesxr.com) Priority Reservation – On-Site Valet Service – VIP Rooms – Condoms & Non-Alcoholic Drinks Included – FREE DEMO ON-SITE




*$250/1HOUR/(BASIC)/1Trans+DELUXE V2/Trans+Fuck Machine
*$350/2HRS/ (DELUXE)/ DELUXE Version includes : – 1 Trans+1 Regular
-OMD™ DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow) / Trans  (Top&Bottom) -OMD™ DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow) (Regular/Partially Included) – SPECIAL FUCK MACHINE / 7 DILDOS – CONDOMS, LUBE AND NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS INCLUDED – VIP ROOMS
* Magic Head / $50 ; Magic Hand / $50 (Availability/Montreal Only)
* Extra Hours / $100 per Hour ; Extra ladies / $100 per Lady
 * Bachelor Parties & Couples : Ask Us : 438-921-6311


* $200 / 1HOUR * $250 / 2HOURS -OMD™ VR DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow)/(LESBIAN, ORGIES & MEN INCLUDED – Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED



$250 / 1HOUR / 2 LADIES + 2 Fuck Machines – Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
* $350 / 1HOUR30 or $400 /2HOURS / VR FOR HIM & HER *2 LADIES + 2 Fuck Machines – Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED
-OMD™ VR DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow) INCLUDED FOR BOTH.  – The Flow Technology is provided by Brain Waves XR (Brainwavesxr.com)

Erotic Adult Body Rub Center With VR

16 reviews
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  1. Robert
    My wife and I were looking for a new sexual experience together and through the process of my search I stumbled across ohmydoll. Figured what the hell ill give it a shot and IS IT EVER WORTH IT. I am generally a pretty reserved guy but I dropped the money and went with the full VR experience and it was absolutely astonishing how amazing the experience was. Needless to say, my wife and I will be coming here on our next date night for some new fun and experiences!
  2. JT
    It's totally insane how the employees are accomodating there, i felt myself with friends and not like it was a business transaction. Expect to have pleasure but also laughs. I'm speaking about Edmonton location to be exact. It seems they brought the party spirit from Montreal to us and i love it.
  3. Spencer-s
    Many options to choose from. At the location, they take care of showing all packages to choose from. I really loved the service, professional and the location is discrete.
  4. Beesh
    I had my duo of women, the location is great and discrete, rooms are soundproof and decorated with ambient lights. I had my favorite pornstars to choose from and fuck with, i guess i'm lucky enough to have found all the ones i wanted. The ladies are awesome. As you bang them you get that realistic slapping sound and the lube gives their pussy or ass a nice wet sound. I totally disconnected from reality when i felt myself fucking Emily Willis while against an office table and Skye BLue was looking at me with her beautiful eyes and giving me a kiss. The experience is unique, if you’ve never tried then you should
  5. Rick
    If someone want to try a funny experience, ohmydoll is the right address. No bullshit, you get for your money and it’s 100% legal and my wife would probably ask to come with me for a visit rather than asking me for a divorce 🙂
  6. Cal-F
    I used your service in Montreal. It was great. My hostesse Elise did a great job explaining everything (her french accent was lovely). I just discovered few days ago that you recently opened your location in Edmonton. I'm planning to visit there next week. I hope guys you're considering to also open a location in Calgary, pretty sure you'll have a lot of success
  7. fresh.man
    Courtesy, great demonstration of the different packages and the mix between dolls and virtual reality is a success. Penetration felt real, All the dolls are good choices. I'm already making plans for my third visit to try new things 🙂
  8. JD
    Everything is provided, clean.
  9. Rick.d
    Différent de ce que j’ai déjà vécu…A date j’en ai visité 2 de leurs appartements et laissez moi vous dire qu’aussi bien Phil ou Katia font de la super bonne job pour t’accueillir et briser la glace. Une fois que l’explication est faite, tu as tout l’appartement pour toi. J’ai fait mon propre test de propreté on m’avait dir que les draps sont échangés à chaque fois avec les têtes d’oreillers et que tout se fait passer au peigne fin niveau sanitaire. C’est une job de malade ce qu’ils font cette team là. Rien que du positif.
  10. AdrienLepage
    Ils prennent toutes les précautions pour que tout soit sanitaire sur place. A l’entrée, tu dois d’abord porter ton masque, utiliser la machine de désinfectant pour les mains, enlever tes souliers. Ils offrent même des gougounes avec leur logo. Super bien structuré. J’ai eu droit à une explication complète du fonctionnement et comment je tires le maximum de profit de ma partie de sexe. Super belle explication et du super élégant service.
  11. Angelo
    Very clean. They give you everything without charging extra fees. Best service ever. Thanks!!
  12. Dan.Dimio
    The area is not the best but inside is well decorated and you feel they worked hard designing the inside of their apartments. Anyway you go to fuck 🙂 it's doesn't bother if it's on Westmount or Greenfield Park haha. I just hope that they open in Laval.
  13. Ralph.TK
    Je vois que les commentaires sont positifs mais moi, ils avaient oublié de mettre des serviettes et l’affaire de lubrifiant était presque vide!!!!!!!
  14. Luclegrand
    Super bel accueil de la part de Katia. Super gentille, elle a prit 25 minutes environ pour m’expliquer comment que ça fonctionne. Expérience parfaite de A à Z!
  15. Jonas D
    The apartment was thematically decorated. Very clean. They provide everything needed including soft drinks. Great customer service with Katia. I enjoyed my experience.
  16. Bourassa-O
    Super d’avoir rajouté cette section. je pourrai dire ce que je pense de la place ? Endroit propre dans une rue super calme. L’appartement est bien décoré avec des photos des dolls partout. Il y’en a même celles qui ne sont pas sur le site ? ? Serviettes fournies et puis une odeur d’essence naturelles sensuelles qui se dégage de petites machines. Tout est fait pour que tu te sentes vraiment super bien.
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