Noemie will possess you with her fine and unique style. She’s a real pearl.

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Ma cinquième visite et de loin la plus parfaite, dommage pour tous ceux qui essaient de réserver mais qui ne puissent pas le faire pour l’instant à … FULL REVIEWS


Bareback, Doggystyle, Missionary, CIM, DT, Anal, … (Cum 8 times during your session, no problem)

Booking : Text (QC) 4387924801 / (AB) 8258880011


*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $250 / 2HOURS  
- Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
- Free Demo On-site !


*2 LADIES / $250 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $300 / 2HOURS 
- Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
- Free Demo On-site !


*2 LADIES / $300 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $350 / 2HOURS 


*$250/1HOUR/(BASIC)/1Trans+DELUXE V2/Trans+Fuck Machine 
*$350/2HRS/ (DELUXE)/ DELUXE Version includes :
- 1 Trans+1 Regular 
-OMD™ DELUXE V2/Trans (Top&Bottom)
-OMD™ DELUXE V2/Excellence (Partially)


* Magic Head / $50 ; Magic Hand / $50
* Extra Hours / $100 per Hour ; Extra ladies / $100 per Lady
* OMD™ VR DELUXE V3 (Early Access (Beta) / $100
* Bachelor Parties & Couples : Ask Us : 438-921-6311


  • Reviews (19)

    19 reviews for Noemie will possess you with her fine and unique style. She’s a real pearl.

    1. F.Chardonnet

      Ma cinquième visite et de loin la plus parfaite, dommage pour tous ceux qui essaient de réserver mais qui ne puissent pas le faire pour l’instant à Montréal. d’après mes discussions, ils vont probablement ouvrir un grand espace commercial au centre ville, ce serait top ça. Niveau tech, c’est énorme.

    2. Sxdelicious

      I advise you to go in couple, totally fun

    3. Cedric Duval

      My duo with Jessica and Noemie was perfect. I enjoyed them at least 4 times lol. Not like with a conventional escort, you have not finished enjoying the first time in the hood and she already starts to dress and go haha. ohmydoll, thank you. you changed my sexual life for the better

    4. Ant Duf

      It was my first time. I had to go from northshore to southshore to try the experience and i totally don’t regret it. The Excellence experience is incredible, you get access to all sensations: fantasy, blowcow, orgy and solo. With the extended reality tech onsite, you find yourself becoming a doctor osculating the vagina of a sexy patient or with your private coach at the Gym who trains you to make the right movements to improve the physical condition of your penis. It’s totally something to experiment. Nothing compared to anything i tried before and the service received was professional and clean

    5. Jerome.L

      Wow, it’s crazy how lifelike the experience was! I’m glad i discovered your service and now i have a clean and problem-free alternative. The last time i fucked with a real escort, i caught gonorrhea. The worst part of it was that I made love to my wife a few days later and I passed it on to her. She forgave me but i had sworn since to retain my sex desires…till i discovered your service ! You should advertise more, pretty sure there will be huge demand.

    6. Felicien

      I’m coming back soon to try the most recent version of your experiences. My last visit was 5 stars!

    7. SR

      Awesome. VR with the equipment provided are a perfect match. I felt myself living the dream and fucking with a bunch of beautiful women. That’s incredible how technology evolves rpidly. I’ll be returning my next visit to Montreal.

    8. vraie pussy

      You’re never going to replace us bastard. we’re true skin and bones escorts nd we give our clients real love. You fuckin shits !!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Pierre.Luc.D

      Hello. In answer to your question, there are 2 elements to the experience, the physical side of the experience with sex toys (because girls are sexdolls) and the visual, auditory and even olfactory side with VR (you can even smell the women’s scent). Packages are different combinations of sex toys with VR experiences. My advice, keep the mystery for your first visit and you will have a pleasant surprise. Between us, I advise you not to ask too many questions to customer service. Before my first visit, I asked questions like you to try to prepare for the experience, but customer service ignored me after a while. It was only after my first visit that I discovered that they eliminate almost automatically everyone who asks 50 questions and I had my lesson lol

    10. Jean François

      I can’t really understand the difference between the packages, even after texting with their customer support!

    11. Shawn Lep

      Yes I agree. As long as you have a chance to book, do it. Otherwise, you will have to wait too long.

    12. JFO

      Elyan, they are not just dolls, there are people behind preparing the apartments, cleaning the dolls, welcoming you and explaining the procedures. Their concept is unique and dolls come with virtual reality experiences that are tailor-made and incredibly real. I guess, they work as any other business and they have the right to refuse customers and sleep a little from time to time. In addition, as they posted, they are busy preparing the launch of new experiences so …wait.


      Dear clients,
      In order to facilitate the setup of our new technologies (including new ladies), we will close temporarily for a part of October and the full month of November. As many of you already know, Ohmydoll is a tech-startup for which innovation is at the heart of our services. We do not only provide an alternative to escort services, but we also specialize in producing new fun experiences for our customers! Many of you have discovered our OMD TM VR experiences along with our young ladies. We guarantee that the future will be even sweeter than the present. Every day, we improve our technologies with our partners. As of December 2019, you will see experiences beyond your imagination, when we launch Ohmydoll 2.0! We cannot wait to see your reactions! We develop world premieres right here in Quebec and it is something to be proud of! We would like to inform our regular customers that we are planning a preview week from 03 to 09 November. We will limit the number to the first 20 regular customers who contact us to book during this week. In exchange for access to the preview, you agree to leave positive or negative feedback on our website. We are confident our new experiences will transport you to another dimension and we invite you to spread the word!
      Thank you for your support.

    14. Elyan-NS

      Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to book for a few days and I’m told it’s impossible for now. Can someone help me understand? They are dolls. Can’t they work 24/7?

    15. Brand-Sil

      A big thank you for the impeccable service. Katia at the reception is great. Noémie in the doggy + package with virtual reality was breathtaking. I cannot believe that technology allowed me to have an orgy with several women for only $ 200. OMG, the possibilities are endless. I look forward to coming back !!!!!!!!!!!

    16. j.anders

      I would like to thank ohmydoll team for their professionalism and excellent service. I had the best sex experience of my life. Technology is evolving and you guys, figured out before everyone the new trend. The virtual reality concept for sex you developed is insanely realistic and you made me live my fantasies and orgies without overspending. thx y’all:)

    17. Nicky.century

      C’était une belle façon de fêter mon anniversaire, mes chums m’ont payé cette visite et je pensais que ça allait juste être une drôle d’expérience. !!!!!!!Je suis sorti de là bas en me posant la question si je ne devrais pas rompre avec ma blonde lol! (c’est une joke les boys) . C’était excellent.


      Hi everyone,

      We would thank all the community for your support. Please note that we added a reviews section for VR. You may find the mentioned section in homepage, just scroll down a bit ? We also added another one for the apartments we provide. If you have anything to say about our different types of VR experience, please write them down on the specified section.

      Thanks evryone. We love you All!

    19. Navid.kana

      I need to say it…her breast is definitively perfect for a russian. the combination between noemie and the VR was incredibly real and even better than having sex with real human. It was my fourth visit and i should say that this time the vr experiences i had were perfectly synchronised while i’m having sex with Noemie. It was my first time with the Doggy+ option and i figured out that it’s more easy to ohmydoll centent manager to synchronize VR experiences and getting the most of it when there’s 2 dolls, one for missionary and the other one for doggy ..that’s why it’s called Doggy+ ?

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