OUR EXPERIENCES ≈ TRANS. If you have never tried prostate enjoyment, it is time. Discover the experience by combining a regular package with the Trans option

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Discretion, cleanliness, development and originality are what distinguish us from the rest of the market. Experience new sensations with our different Trans packages. Whether it’s Top / bottom / Versatile / Versatile Mixed (Girls and Trans), we have what you need.

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*1 TRANS LADY+1 REGULAR / $250 / 1HOUR / Text at 438-792-4801

*1 TRANS LADY+1 REGULAR / $350 / 2HOURS / Text at 438-921-6311
*OMDVR DELUXE NEW included with this package 

*Trans collection: Lexi, Pamela, Ashley and Christina 

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  • Reviews (13)

    13 reviews for OUR EXPERIENCES ≈ TRANS. If you have never tried prostate enjoyment, it is time. Discover the experience by combining a regular package with the Trans option

    1. DavSX

      If you can afford 3 hours, go with the Trans 3 hours. I enjoyed the magic head option that they included for free. The 3rd hour is on special now in Edmonton. For $100 more, i took my time to explore and try everything.

    2. Darb

      Glad that you’re finally open in Edmonton, can’t wait to try this !!!

    3. Alex R.

      Amazing time with Lexi. The fuck machine and the Trans virtual reality experiences really blew my mind. I had Noemie positioned in doggy style, i fucked her like there’s no tomorrow. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a taboo experience with no risk. Service was great with an initial explanation of the experience and process. 5/5

    4. J.gregoire

      Me too, it was a first. I never tried anything in my ass before but i was intrigued by the comments. I loved my experience. It made me discover a different way to experience pleasure. Great service and Natalia provided me with a really nice explanation before leaving the place.

    5. Pierre.D

      I’m in a relationship. I’m straight but my girlfriend doesn’t know that I also like to get me some in the ass like some. Thank you for providing a solution that improves my sex life without jeopardizing my private life. Trans escorts, I did it just once and I totally regretted it. Now I have the best alternative to meet my pleasure. graciaaas

    6. Et

      Je vais revenir c’est assurer ca été le meilleur trip de ma vie!!! Le trans mixte est vraiment incroyable.
      Vous avez le choix entre vous faire baiser par une fuck machine qui as 50 fonctions differentes et qui m’ont faite jouir plusieur fois sans me masturber! Il y a aussi la belle doll trans (j’avais choisi Lexi) avec sont gros penis de 9 pouces je me suis defoncer le cul comme jamais javais jai pu la rider aussi longtemps que je voulais pour jouir de la prostate encore et encore! Et il y as la doll en doggy que tu peux baiser comme bon te semble!!! Gros gros gros love pour la texture du penis des doll ils sont vraiment parfait cest mieux qu’une vrai!!!

    7. Alex

      L’accueil était très amical, l’appart très propre.
      Je me suis senti en vacances avec moi même pour la durée que j’étais là. La technologie est vraiment impressionnante les demoiselles surprenantes.
      Je vais définitivement y retourner.
      Bravo pour votre entreprise, j’ai pu satisfaire
      ma libido et kinks sans avoir à tromper ma femme. Je suis revenu chez moi fatigué et heureux.

    8. BTM

      Like the experience and lexi’s 9” member. Great fuck machine.

    9. A

      The experience was fantastic and the introduction to the session made me feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend!

    10. J-E

      The additional Fuck machine allowed me to do whatever movement i wanted the dildo to do in my ass, it’s incredible. A trans girl and another girl with vr scenes of sex in virtual reality better than what we could expect in real life, it’s really the perfect experience, I’ll go back for sure!!

    11. Steven

      It will be my first experience tomorrow. Seeing all the comments, I’m in a READY GO mode!

    12. Ludiviç. Sani

      Thanks to Phil and Katia for the welcome and the explanations. It was great to learn about how it works. I wanted to try this new pleasure for a long time, but I wanted it discreetly and not with someone else. Thanks to your dolls, your machine technologies, and your VR Trans experiences, I could be at ease and have fun without restraint. The explanation part was really important because, apart from Lexi la Trans, I had access to a machine with more than 50 different functions. I had it in the ass and I enjoyed in front. It was incredible.

    13. Amil.T

      Maybe i’ll give this service a try !!

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