Pamela will let you discover all her assets. Come have a nice time with this new blonde on our team.

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(Latest Review)  Hiro.Ni

I first apologize for my english, i’m from Japan and visited your location a month ago. I hav to tell that i was impressed how your technology is advanced. I did not think to find bette  FULL REVIEWS


Bareback, Doggystyle, Missionary, CIM, DT, Anal, … (Cum 8 times during your session, no problem)


Booking : Text (QC) 4387924801 / (AB) 8258880011

Information : Text 4389216311


*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $250 / 2HOURS  
- Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
- Free Demo On-site !


*2 LADIES / $300 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $350 / 2HOURS 


  • Reviews (32)

    32 reviews for Pamela will let you discover all her assets. Come have a nice time with this new blonde on our team.

    1. Hiro.Ni

      I first apologize for my english, i’m from Japan and visited your location a month ago. I hav to tell that i was impressed how your technology is advanced. I did not think to find better doll experience with VR than in Japan (we are highly advanced) but i am surprised how your Virtual reality with the ladies brings makes things sur real. It mades me cum 6 times in 2 hours (a guiness record for me). I recommend your company and posted in a blog for Japanese going to visit Canada to come to your locations.

    2. SG

      I’ll do the same like Ryan did when posting on jessica’s page. I believe that longer reviews are more beneficial for anyone here, rather than posting 1-2 sentences. Ohmydoll deserves credit for their experiences and if you’re a customer, you should give more details about your visits rather than giving a short review that takes 20 seconds to be written (thats cheap and is not very helpful).
      I had for my duo Pamela and Angel. Pamela was sitting on the bed ready to grab my dick in missionary style, and Angel was positioned in doggy style and her tight anus was waiting to be served. For the newbies here, i’m talking about dolls and not real humans waiting for you to get an orgy for a fraction of what real escorts will charge. I was confused when i first visited the website…are they real persons i’m i going to fuck, the rates seemed less than real escorts rates, then i figured out that the Ohmydoll experience is about dolls that you fuck while you’re wearing a light headset connected to their network. It’s filled with a dozen of experiences you can choose. As Rayaan said in his review and he said it right, i think when i’ll visit again, i’ll pay an escort to go there with me for the couple experience thing. i’m just imagining how cool that would be, VR, dolls and a real woman. To get back to my experience, i paid for the Excellence for 90 minutes after the demonstation (the demo lasts about 30 minutes and you’ll not be charged for the demo but plan extra time for that unless you want to go with Excellence package from the start and then they will skip showing you the different packages). I have been advised by Kais my host to take 2 hours/Excellence but i thought that 90 minutes would be enough. Everyone is used to get an hour escort, right ? so i felt confident 90 minutes will be enough. That was a mistake because time went by so fast and one of the girls working there came knocking on my door while i was in the middle of a virtual orgy, i asked for an extension (my host told me that i could extend per 30mn/1hr and pay the extra time later but i was refused the extension because they had other visitors booked and needed me to leave. Im still thinking about it, i was in the middle of a foursome with flight attendants on a private plane. My dick was sticking in the anus of the doggy doll, i was VR fucking the blonde flight attendant doggystyle and there was 2 other flight attendants kissing each other. At one point, one of them got near my face to give me a kiss, my brain was over stimulated between me fucking the blonde and the 2 brunettes kissing each other and giving me from time to time kisses or playing with their big boobs in front of me. The crazy thing about the VR technology that comes with Excellence is that it makes you touch (brainly, virtually ) the women. I know that the word brainly doesn’t exist but that’s the only way to describe it, it’s not about me touching them physically, it was my brain. With Excellence, i had access to the experiences that usually are included inside Fantasy and blowcow packages (blowcow is for blowjob and cowgirl positions), plus added to them i had the orgy and solo experiences. All of them come on the V2 VR tech (the most upgraded VR)
      I’m pissed off about the extension, i was on my way to cum for the third time but it is what it is. anyway I’m satisfied even if it could have been better. The only negative i found is when the lady knocked on my door to tell me my time is over and i asked for an extension and was denied. the way she told me that i have only 2 minutes, i didn’t appreciate her way of saying it. The rest of the staff are professional and welcoming especially Kais the host (he makes jokes during the explanation and knows how to get people in the experiences)

    3. Dan.B

      L’expérience est simplement Formidable! Du bon temps et surtout une immersion à nul égal par ailleurs. Le ressenti au niveau du cerveau est impressionnant, je e peux l’expliquer autrement que par dire que mon cerveau touchait directement (ressenti) les filles que je regardais et que je baisais en réalité virtuelle alos que mon pénis bandait comme un alien dans les trous de vagins des dolls pffertes avec l’expérience. C’est trippant à mort.

    4. J-N

      If you want something new to spice up your sex life, you should try. The customer service is amazing, i loved having Camille as a hostess, she explained everything in details. I was a bit worried that the time she spent explaining and showing the experience will reduce my time till she told me that the session starts when she leaves my room 🙂

    5. Damien Levoine

      Super adoré l’expérience, 5 stars mérité!

    6. J.T

      Edmonton location is just sick and it’s not like you cheated on your wife, so basically you get back home free of guilt, which, in my case it feels really good.

    7. François Buisson

      Great slogan, stay safe with safe sex. I had a lot of legs in the air without taking any health risks. An ethical alternative to sex that I support.

    8. Sundy.J

      Thanks to your team, i had a wonderful time. my 3 hours went too fast…you have the perfect experience, not to mention that it’s not cheating 🙂

    9. Jizz

      My experience was worth it. I would definitely recommend it.


      A new Pamela joins the team. Welcome Pamela! We replace Pamela by a new Pamela every 60 days ! When you see this message, it means that we have the old Pamela for sale, so text now !

    11. Andre-Koupo

      If you think you go there for the dolls, youre wrong. You go there for the full experience and specially the virtual reality experiences they provide, depending on the package you get an immersive VR unlike anything on I’ve seen. It’s so immersive that my penis holded strong for 2 hours straight…the VR illusion is awesome and freaky. How they did this to provide such a crazy experience, i don t know. All i know is that i am a tech fan, i have at home the latest Oculus and i have an idea about how to improve the VR quality, but what i felt and saw, it’s s from another world.

    12. AndresJR

      My advice, when you choose your duo, choose 2 ladies with different breast size. I felt that’s the right way to get the best feelings while using the provided VR experiences.

    13. AR

      Very good experience. I didn’t rate it a 5 on 5 simply because its a new adventure and there is more to process before being 100% comfy but overall very satisfied. First, they are very courteous. Second it’s very clean. Explanations are excellent. I took the Excellence Package with Noemie and Pamela and it was really pleasant but in reality, if you take VR, the choice of the doll becomes secondary I think because you get the impression to have fun with the girls in the VR more than the doll itself. The doll is only there to simulate the VR experience with the babes in the VR. Very exciting. The VR quality is excellent. The dolls are excellent quality and tbh, sometimes feels as good as a real women if not better. If you like tight, Pamela backdoor play is TIGHT! Have fun boys, excellent experience. I will repeat.

    14. Ps

      I’ll confirm it. you really have amazing tech. Tried the latest Excellence package, I even talked to my friends afterwards. I told them that it’s similar to the parallel world in the movie The Matrix …..but for sex 🙂 you deserve the good recommendations!

    15. Flee

      take either Fantasy or Excellence as a package, they are new packages it’s so immersive ? The feeling is good.

    16. Kevinthéodore

      Déjà essayé le package Doggy+ y’a longtemps et je viens d’essayer le forfait Excellence qui est une combinaison de tous les meilleurs forfaits et avec une technologie Upscale incroyable! c’est une combinaison des 3 forfaits, fantasy, blowcow et avec des expériences VR d’orgies qui font perdre la tête. L’immersion est complète et tu te vois toi même en action avec des filles que tu ne rêves pas de pénétrer un jour dans ta vie réelle à moins de te ruiner financièrement. Les sensations physiques de pénétration avec les dolls sont réelles et la machine duplicator qui permet de sentir les fellation et les positions cowgirl est top. Vraiment super comme technologie et quand tu sais que c’est une business québecoise, tu en es fier en plus. On a des compétences dans notre province et de l’innovation.

    17. slurp tits

      jy ai mis ca dans’l pussy esti pis est v’nu comme une posedee colisse. cest d’meme que ca se passe icitte! le vr cest planant!! pis laccueil est super

    18. Mich-Cali

      Begin.E , when you get there, you get all the explanation. It’s hard to explain their system. They show you the demo there.

    19. Begin.E

      Can anyone explain to me the difference between the plans, I really have a hard time understanding. It’s totally new for me. Colleagues of mine at work were talking about your service, but I didn’t want to ask them questions. I am their boss! I’ve looked around the site but it’s still not clear how to choose. Are all the packages duos and if so then what changes in the packages?

    20. Denis Gregoire

      Bonjour, est ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider ici, depuis deux semaines que je tente de réserver et on me dit qu’il n’y a pas de place. Un bon ami m’a conseillé d’essayer l’expérience mais je me fais dire tout le temps qu’ils sont complets. svp, svp, aidez moi, J’ai besoin d’essayer et je ne veux pas voir de vrais escortes surtout pas ces temps-ci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOS

    21. Anthony.P

      With Pamela and Lexi, I really had a blast! I really recommend this experience especially for those like me who are in a relationship. I felt so happy that I tried this experience which was very good without feeling unfaithful to my girl. The day before my appointment, I showed the site to my girlfriend asking her as a joke what she would think if I went to try it and she said that I could come back home ONLY if I tried it with a doll and not another woman haha.

    22. Mike.B

      The doggy package is not worthing all this hype. It was just ok for me, that’s my view.

    23. Julien-L

      Plus belles et des jolies corps qui compétionnent avec les belles femmes. Le toucher est incroyablement fou. Très satisfait. Le Doggy+ était excellent comme expérience et j’essaierai certainement l’autre forfait une prochaine fois

    24. Ju.d.a

      The Fantasy Prime experience with the warm bodies of Pamela and Jessica was breathtaking. My advice, do not go for the Doggy + package with the OMD Pro. Once you will see the brand new experiences in the OMD Deluxe, your penis will immediately begin to erect. The girls are perfect for the physical side of the experience. I took the Doggy + with the VR PRO because I had on me just enough for this package. Do not make the same mistake. The Deluxe VR will make you lose your mind during the demonstration. Now, I have to go back very very soon

    25. Gab

      Hi Mike. You are absolutely right to wait for your next appointment for the blowcow package. As I
      already tried this package, I can guarantee that you will come back to relive the experience over and over. Ohmydoll will become your sex Costco :), but be careful not to get caught by your wife on your shopping sprees! ? haha! In a few words, they have a very light machine that you put on your penis that modulates your sensations, connected to the action on your VR screen. It comes with the Deluxe version of their OMD vr. The women are so real that you might just begin to think they are more beautiful women in the virtual world than in the real world. Technology rocks. In addition, i got Jessica as my escort choice. Her pussy was really tight, i loved it.
      One of my biggest that ohmydoll has granted me is to have stopped really feeling guilty in my relationship. I now have enough sex while remaining faithful. I hope that this company will settle in all the provinces, there are so many couples who need such a service of a very avant-garde technology.

    26. Mike Leb

      I fiiiinally was able to make my reservation. I don’t have any negative feedback regarding Pamela in the Doggy + package. The welcome was impeccable. They explained everything to me (it still took 25 minutes but very interesting). I had the apartment afterward with my ladies. I must say that I was very happy. Their VR technology paired with girls gives you the full illusion that you are in an orgy with sex bombs while you stuff your dolls. The feeling is extreme. I took full advantage of my time and it was worth the money spent. I’m already looking forward to my return to try the Blowcow formula. From what I was shown, this is their new experience and it seems to be more intense than the Doggy +

    27. Jeff

      When are you going to restart operations??? please!

    28. Eddy-Ski

      Yes, I totally approve. The little machine they call The Duplicator comes with the new packages: Blowcow. I’m guessing Blow for blowjob and cow for cowgirl. Superb addition and the machine works perfectly in these 2 positions. You do not need it for the missionary or the doggy. Do not take it if you are not able to get hard several times. Phil warned me to hold my excitement when using the Duplicator. I really did not think I was going to cum in the first 5 minutes! The good news is that you can still rest a little and get back to work.

    29. FredDubourg

      Thank you for this preview. I was lucky to be among the few clients and I will say this: Your new concepts are sexually very powerful. To name two of the best novelties I explored, I would start with the immersive experiences, the girls come out and jump onto you. You will not stop getting hard. Beware of premature ejaculations. The new VR will get you off so fast that it takes a lot of restraint, especially when there’s still time, and I’m not even the type who cums 4 times in a row. The other novelty, which is the most important one, in my opinion, is a light small machine that you put on your penis and that connects you to the virtual experience. I felt the breasts and the girls’ blow jobs that I saw in VR. Ohmydoll has exclusivities with other startups in the industry and have early access to this machine before it’s even on the market. From what I understood, it will only be made available to the public in a year. To sum it all, it’s an experience beyond all the sex that I have ever had.


      A new member to the team. Welcome Pamela!

    31. R.L

      I came as a guest once and I was planning to return after a week. Am I considered a regular customer? Am I lucky enough to have a place among the 20 if I text Amelie?


      Dear clients,
      In order to facilitate the setup of our new technologies (including new ladies), we will close temporarily for a part of October and the full month of November. As many of you already know, Ohmydoll is a tech-startup for which innovation is at the heart of our services. We do not only provide an alternative to escort services, but we also specialize in producing new fun experiences for our customers! Many of you have discovered our OMD TM VR experiences along with our young ladies. We guarantee that the future will be even sweeter than the present. Every day, we improve our technologies with our partners. As of December 2019, you will see experiences beyond your imagination, when we launch Ohmydoll 2.0! We cannot wait to see your reactions! We develop world premieres right here in Quebec and it is something to be proud of! We would like to inform our regular customers that we are planning a preview week from 03 to 09 November. We will limit the number to the first 20 regular customers who contact us to book during this week. In exchange for access to the preview, you agree to leave positive or negative feedback on our website. We are confident our new experiences will transport you to another dimension and we invite you to spread the word!
      Thank you for your support.

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