Our booking policy contributes to providing the best service to our lovely customers.


*Reservation without deposit / 
 For existing customers only  
To reserve at any time / Text to 438-792-4801

*Reservation without deposit /
 For reservations between 10:00 am and 7:30 pm /Text to 438-792-4801
*Reservation with deposit (50$)/ 
 For reservations between 7:30 pm and 11 pm /Text to 438-792-4801

Why Such a Policy?

Our reach full reservations’ capacity almost every day. Some customers cannot get a reservation for their availabilities. On the other hand, it happens that customers who make reservations do not show up for their appointment. On our side, a cost is incured to prepare reservations and our loss is  greater when other customers could have been scheduled instead. We have an irreproachable work ethic and we never accept to book beyond our capacity. This policy insures the efficacity of our booking system and provides a quality service for serious customers.

Is the deposit refundable if I cancel my appointment?

The deposit is refundable. To cancel your appointment and request a refund of your deposit, you must inform us at least three (3) hours before your appointment. If you are a new or existing client who has missed a previous appointment, you are not eligible for our deposit refund policy.

Special Rules

  • Existing customers can take advantage of the reservation without deposit at any time.
  • During the periods mentioned above and subject to the payment of a $ 50 deposit, new clients must confirm their prefered availabilities with our customer service. Subsequently, a reservation order is generated and sent to the email address associated to the client for the payment of the deposit. Once the payment is completed, the reservation will be confirmed by our customer service.
  • The deposit guarantees the reservation for a customer. Thus, when the number of clients wishing to book exceeds the limit of available bookings during an usually “reservation without deposit” period, the customer service may contact by text message customers who have previously made their reservation to proceed with a deposit payment in order to guarantee their resevation. In the absence of an answer from the customer within an appropriate timeframe (30 minutes), customer service may grant the reservation to another customer who have agreed to pay the deposit to settle the reservation.

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