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MSOG, BB, BBBJ, BBFS, LFK, CIM, Kissing, Russian (Breasts), Deep Throat (DT), Anal Sex, CID, COB, COF, MPOS, ATM, FIV, FIA, Analingus, cunnil…


* $160/ 2heures / Textez 438-483-3232
* $200/ 3heures / Textez 438-483-3232


* 2 FILLES / $200 / 2HEURES / Textez 438-483-3232
* 2 FILLES / $240 / 3HEURES / Textez 438-483-3232 


* 2 FILLES / $250 / 2HEURES / Textez 438-483-3232
* 2 FILLES / $290 / 3HEURES / Textez 438-483-3232 

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  • Reviews (9)

    9 reviews for Sophie


      We’ve received several negative comments recently from customers who haven’t been able to get a reservation. Please note that we are working on removing any ambiguity and further disappointment. First, some have never received a reply or an appointment because of their communication language which indicates that their only motivation to try our service is purely monetary (cheaper than conventional escorts). Ohmydoll is intended for curious, divergent, artists, entrepreneurs, tech savvy and novelty lovers seeking new experiences. Ohmydoll is not meant to replace escorts but rather to develop a new technology-driven market. Every month, we have technological innovations for our customers. All that being said, we apologize if you tried to book an appointment and did not receive for a specific day you had requested. We are setting high standards and motivate our team to be as efficient as possible. If we have no more availabilities for the day you are requesting then we will credit $ 10 on the Doggy + package and $ 5 for the single package. This way, we’ll also lose if or when we can’t book you for that same day. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, to a certain extent we are a imply a victim of our own success.

    2. eric.lecorse

      hussein.naggar , if you paid a special rate, don’t expect them to make the effort and soften her skin for you for free. i’m a customer and i know much about dolls, the process of softening perfectly the skin may take approximately 45 minutes. At least you should have asked them if that’s a thing they may add that for a little extra fee and as i know they do that because that’s something i always claim 🙂

    3. Hussein.naggar

      i tried once. Yes, i advice people to try and make their own opinion. It’s not for me though! the skin was not soft as it was described and she was just heated a bit.


      Hi everyone,

      We would thank all the community for your support. Please note that we added a reviews section for VR. You may find the mentioned section in homepage, just scroll down a bit ? We also added another one for the apartments we provide. If you have anything to say about our different types of VR experience, please write them down on the specified section.

      Thanks evryone. We love you All!

    5. Steve.dc

      Joshua, thanks for sharing your story. dans mon cas à moi, c’était plus que je suis vraiment sex-addict haha et puis ma blonde, ça ne la tentes pas souvent…que l’on se cache pas les choses, en sciences, c’est prouvé que les hommes sont 6 fois plus actifs sexuellement que les femmes 😉 je payai des escortes avant quand ça me tentai mais là pareil et à chaque fois j’avais quand même un remords vis à vis de ma blonde et j’avais peur d’attraper une maladie. lol, imagines donc!! cette compagnie la m’ont donné une autre voie pour avoir mon sex trip sans pour autant que je me sens mal envers ma blonde et sans que j’attrape les cochonneries des escortes. Une fois, j’avais pogné la gonhorrée avec une escorte alors que j’avais porté le condom. Merci OMD!

    6. joshua.l

      It was my first time…a friend of mine has tried before and convinced me to do so. i got divorced a year ago, it was hard for me. I work a lot and i don’t have enough time to get out and re-build another relationship. I’m not the kind of guy who pay for escorts, it’s a matter of principle. ohmydoll provided a concrete solution to guys like me and i thank them very much from the bottom of my heart

    7. silvio.azzurri

      Honestly, i give a 5 stars, she’s gorgeous, pictures doesn’t give her all the credit she deserves. As for the feeling, i wasn’t expecting the (real type) feeling thing but i was totally surprised…the feeling was amazingly real.
      if you think about it just a bit, when you do sex with a condom, you wear latex. I found that having sex with this doll and pushing hard into her pussy gave me more pleasure than getting inside any girl wearing a condom. i’m totally satisfied. the service, the ponctuality, the atmosphere…it just sound unreal all what ohmydoll gives for the price i pay.

    8. @Ohmydollvr Admin


      Nous mettons en la disposition des visiteurs du site des liens pertinents pour connaître notre service et adhérer à notre groupe. vous pouvez avoir de l’information en joignant notre groupe privé FACEBOOK au lien suivant :

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      1) Forbes Magazine:


      Merci pour vos commentaires positifs, nous travaillons durement chaque jour pour améliorer la qualité de nos escortes en silicone et la qualité de l’expérience en technologie VR (réalité virtuelle) OMD VR.

    9. silvio.s

      Mind blowing experience!!!

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