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Escorts, the reality of sex services in Canada and the rise of the Ethical Sex Industry

Escorts, Analysis for Edmonton and Montreal (

Researchers estimate that individuals conduct over 100,000 daily online searches for escort services in cities such as Montreal, Quebec City, and Edmonton. When comparing this number to the search volumes of major retailers like Walmart and Ikea, the magnitude of these searches seems quite high. We find it astonishing to witness such numbers, raising questions about the portion of the population actively seeking sexual encounters outside of traditional avenues, as well as individuals in relationships who may be seeking something different. However, it is important to note that these numbers do not necessarily indicate that everyone conducting these searches intends to engage in paid sexual encounters. Most likely, people conduct these searches driven by fantasies or curiosity, without any intention of pursuing paid sexual benefits.

Ohmydoll, the ethical escort service

Ohmydoll, an adult service provider, has attracted attention in big Canadian cities and appeared in publications like the Toronto Star and Future Of Sex. What distinguishes Ohmydoll is its unconventional approach to sexual experiences. Instead of traditional escort services, which involve human interaction, Ohmydoll introduces highly sophisticated dolls to fulfill the physical aspects of sexual encounters. This unique concept combines with Brain Waves XR’s state-of-the-art Flow technology, allowing customers to immerse themselves in virtual reality and engage in intimate acts with exceptionally attractive partners, providing a sensation similar to that of being a porn star. Ohmydoll Edmonton, the newest offering from Ohmydoll, is actively promoting its services in the escort category on popular websites like Pornhub and Leolist.

This innovative trend represents the forefront of the escort service industry. Presently, Ohmydoll is available in Montreal, Quebec City, and Edmonton, but there are plans for expansion to Calgary and the eastern part of the United States. By offering this distinctive alternative, Ohmydoll aims to provide a solution to an ongoing challenge within the traditional escort service model, opening up new possibilities for individuals seeking novel and fulfilling sexual experiences.

A love doll wearing the logo of Ohmydoll brand
Edmonton escorts. Woman providing sensual erotic massage to man. Edmonton sex

Sex, prostitution, ethic and safety

  • A recent survey had approximately 50 male participants in Edmonton and 40 in Montreal.
  • The findings revealed that 40% searched for escort services online.
  • Of this group, 40% purely browsed profiles for fantasizing, without seeking paid encounters.
  • Another 25% searched out of curiosity, with no immediate plans for using escort services.
  • 35% of participants actively sought sexual encounters for pleasure.
  • 75% agreed to remove values, ethics, and safety when deciding on sexual sessions.
  • Participants were informed about an ethical sex industry and mentioned the Ohmydoll service.
  • After the explanation, 50% showed interest, 20% were uncertain, and 30% declined using ethical services.
It is more than escorts, Ohmydoll is about innovation

For individuals who are seeking escort services in Edmonton or Montreal, Ohmydoll offers a unique and risk-free alternative. By providing a service without human presence, Ohmydoll allows people to fulfill their sexual fantasies without any legal risks. Whether it’s engaging in acts like blowjobs, anal sex, experiencing orgies, or even indulging in public sex scenarios, Ohmydoll provides a platform to explore these desires in a safe and controlled environment. Moreover, this experience eliminates the concerns related to sexually transmitted diseases, as there is no physical interaction with humans.

Additionally, Ohmydoll is considered an ethical sex experience due to the absence of emotional interaction, which can lead to issues such as infidelity. It offers a pure form of sexual engagement, focusing solely on the physical aspect. For those accustomed to seeking the services of human escorts or visiting erotic massage parlors, the Ohmydoll experience provides a relaxing effect and enhances the release of hormones associated with sexual activities. The purpose is fulfilled in a different yet satisfying manner.

Reviews of Ohmydoll have been positive, with visitors comparing the benefits of the experience to those of receiving an erotic massage with additional services. If you haven’t yet explored the concept of giving your mind a sexy massage, perhaps it’s time to consider trying Ohmydoll. It offers an innovative Edmonton escort and Montreal escort service that provides a unique and enjoyable experience.