Who are our customers?

Our customers are mostly between the ages of 25 and 65 and appreciate every second of the sexual experiences we have to offer. Almost 75% of our customers are men, 20% are couples and approximately 5% are women. Tuesdays and Sundays are our less busy days. If this is your first time booking with us, we advise you to do so in advance (1 hour notice is recommended). Most of our male customers (about 60%) are in committed relationships. After enjoying our services, they return home feeling very sexual satisfied and knowing that they haven’t been unfaithful to their partners or their values.


How do I book my escorts and my OMD™VR experience?

You can book by texting our customer service department directly at 4383200866 (Montreal), 4389216311 (Quebec City), 5879362341 (Edmonton#1),  8258880011 (Edmonton#2). You can also chat with us directly via our website. Payments are made on-site at the time of your appointment by cash, debit card, credit card (ID is required for credit card) or Interac e-transfer. If you wish to pay online for personal reasons, you must first contact one of our customer service representatives who will explain the payment procedures (using Square’s online processing platform). To guarantee a specific time slot, bookings must be made days in advance and require a $100 deposit.


How much privacy will I have?

Your privacy is important to us. We use discretion when it comes to our locations, reservations, payments and all other aspects of your experience.

There is no outdoor signage indicating the adult nature of the business. Our locations look like ordinary offices and have entrances that are separate and at a distance from other businesses. You’ll be reassured to know that most of our rooms are soundproof. You may be surprised to know that most of our customers are doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers and tech fans. Our locations are both upscale and are designed with the privacy of our customers the utmost in mind.

As a measure of privacy, we do not accept walk-ins. We make sure when booking customers that time is allotted for discreet arrivals and departures. You won’t ever encounter other customers.

If you pay by debit or credit card, you will not see the ohmydoll (Oh My Doll) name on your statements but a numbered company instead. This is to ensure your privacy.

We take great care to make the entirety of your experiences enjoyable and private.


Why should I choose the Ohmydoll experience instead of a real escort?

In terms of security, moral values, legality, as well as sanitary precautions and the professional quality of our company in comparison to other escort services, what makes us unique is THE GUARANTEE OF PURE PLEASURE!

The combination of our escorts and our VRs that makes up the OMD™ Experience far exceeds your expectations. Our services were developed based on scientific studies to provoke both a relaxing and euphoric effect due to the powerful combination of hormones produced by the brain: dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

Dopamine is a motivating hormone, making us want to make love over and over again. Endorphins lead to a feeling of satisfaction and well-being after sex, as does serotonin. Both are great for boosting mood and helping you see life through rose-coloured glasses! Oxytocin reduces anxiety, stress and aggression. Vasopressin also lowers stress and anxiety and increases, among other things, attraction!

Our Ohmydoll experiences using the latest VR innovations are the most immersive on the market. Our teams work on content and rendering daily with our tech partner Brain Waves XR (brainwavesxr.com) to optimize our customers’ experiences. The unique combination of our escorts, sex-tech and VR ALWAYS beats our customers’ expectations, each and every visit. Feel like you are in the real physical presence of porn actresses. Sense the textures, touches, penetration and kisses exchanged between the girls as if you yourself are receiving them. Your lovemaking will not stop, so long as your brain is connected to the experience, even if your balls have been completely emptied!

When creating our different packages, we work with this knowledge in mind. That’s why our packages are tailored to meet your needs! For relaxation, we recommend the Fantasy package. For deeper sensations, intimacy and passionate sex, the Excellence package is the right one for you. (Please note: Starting April 2022, the Excellence package will also include the Fantasy package). The Trans-Mix package combines both straight and Trans experiences. We advise the Trans-Mix experience to men that have an adventurous spirit. The Couple package (either in a shared room or in separate rooms) is recommended for couples or friends (male/female).

We want our customers to have a unique experience each and every visit. No two experiences will be the same!

There’s something for everyone!

A unique experience to enjoy: THE OMD™ EXPERIENCE!

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What added value does our VR have compared to mainstream VR?

Our virtual reality services use the Flow technology process developed by Brain Waves XR (Brainwavesxr.com). This process accentuates the feeling of touch even though the VR content is only being viewed. And without the use of haptics! The combination of our lady dolls and our selected VRs, empowered by the Flow technology process, will bring unique sensations to your brain that you’ve never experienced before! The Flow tricks the brain waves that carry incredible amounts of information throughout the brain. This neural coordination ensures that each section of the brain is simultaneously engaged. But it must be experienced first-hand to be fully understood. That’s why we provide demonstrations of the different packages to our customers. The customer then chooses their preferred version. We are proud to have the exclusive license for the adult entertainment use of this technology. We are happy to provide our customers unique immersive experiences like they’ve never had before! Go check Google Reviews to know more about customers feedback.

Visit Brainwavesxr.com for more details.


What’s the difference between the different packages and how can I book the package that’s right for me?

Demonstrations are offered to customers who can then choose their packages on-site. We currently offer the following packages: The Basic, Fantasy, Excellence, Trans-Mix, Couples and Women in response to aMost growing and diversified demand.

Most of our packages come with two ladies of your choice. The experiences are designed to maximize our customers’ pleasure. Each package comes with a variety of equipment.

Our OMD™VR is the best on the market! All our packages include a different version of our OMD™VR (Virtual Reality Tech). Our OMD™VR Deluxe V1 (first generation: January 2020) is included in Fantasy package. The Excellence, Couple, Trans-Mix and Women packages work with the OMD™VR Deluxe V2 (which is continuously upgraded by our development team in collaboration with Brain Waves XR, our VR tech partner).

Our collaboration with Brain Waves XR gave us access to the V2 FLOW technology process. By combining our used VR content with the FLOW process, the sense of being physically present and sexual arousal increased dramatically. Your experience will feel so real, you’ll hardly believe it’s virtual! Make your sexual desires a reality. Free demonstrations are offered on site to help you to choose the package that’s right for you.

Our discerning customers deserve nothing but the best!

We don’t publish technical information on how our technology works for competitive reasons. Please note that it’s impossible to show videos of our VR tech in action because it requires on-site software and hardware. We do, however, provide some technical information on site during demonstrations.


What kind of experience will I have?

We offer singles’ and couples’ experiences as well as trans’ and womens’ experiences. With OMD™VR and the large number of virtual reality sex content we have, WE CAN HELP ANYONE ACHIEVE THEIR FANTASIES.

You can achieve your fantasies by booking with us. Check out the following links to know more about today’s most requested fantasies:

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Do we offer Trans-Mix experiences (1Trans+1Regular) ? YES!! You are probably intrigued, but you have never tried it. What should you expect ?

The best way to experience prostate pleasure is now available at Ohmydoll. You are in control of your experience in one of our discreet locations. Try new types of orgasms using the Trans Ohmydoll experience. If you are unfamiliar with prostatic orgasms, click these links below and explore the unexpected:

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What about hygiene?

Our escorts are cleaned immediately after each service. Witness for yourself the hygiene measures our maintenance staff take in our suitably equipped premises. After their maintenance, our silicone escorts rest on clean beds (for a minimum of 24 hours) while waiting to resume their service for the next day. A kit of lubricant and condoms is available for usage on site.


What can I expect about the privacy of my reservation?

We have designed everything to ensure absolute confidentiality and discretion for all our customers. That’s why, from the outside, our locations seem like a simple office space with no exterior visible brand signage. A small detail at the entrance of each of our locations helps customers know they are at the right place. Discretion and privacy are among the key reasons why advanced booking is required to access our locations. This way, we can limit who has access and when. We also provide personalized and exceptional service for each and every customer.


Which means of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, debit, credit card (ID is required for credit card payments) and Interac e-transfers on-site.


Any Virtual tour ?

Yes! This video was shot in 2018. Five years have passed since then and we continue with improvements to make our customers happy. Click on the link below:

Click this link : Virtual Tour (2018 : Things have changed dramatically since then. Sorry, we don’t yet have any updated videos. 🙂


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