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What is the suitable age range for your experiences?

To use our services, one must be aged 18 or above. Regardless of your generation, a myriad of reasons awaits to welcome you to our locations. Our Generation Z guests (18 to 27 years old) are the most tech-savvy among all generations. For them, sex is not taboo but an exploration of its infinite possibilities. They are deeply connected to new experiences of sexual pleasure and are open to freeing their desires. Millennials (28 to 43 years old) are a diverse group. Having lived through the digital revolution, many are tech-savvy and seek sexual novelty. Some visit for the first time to experience Ohmydoll, seeking a sexual paradise far from prostitution and its issues, offering a guilt-free alternative to infidelity. Generation X (44 to 59 years old) often visits to break the monotony of their lives and discover what they’ve been missing sexually, needing to spice things up and connect with the evolving world.

The reasons for visiting are varied and cannot be summed up easily. There are the curious, those wanting sex without betraying their partners, novelty seekers, those referred by friends, individuals looking for safe experiences without the risk of STDs, those gifted a visit by their partners, and those avoiding the dubious services of escorts in search of legitimate, law-respecting sexual services. The list of motivations is endless, but the core message remains: to each their own desires and motivations.

 How to Choose the Right Package?

At Ohmydoll, our rates range from $180 to $400, depending on the package you choose and the duration of your session at our location.

At Ohmydoll, we offer demonstrations to our customers, allowing them to experience and explore our various packages on-site based on their preferences. If you are new to our services, rest assured that we provide comprehensive guidance and information from the moment you arrive at our location. However, please note that our demonstrations are not provided solely for the purpose of showcasing our services. As there are expenses involved in setting up and accommodating our customers, we do not accept bookings solely for the purpose of exploring our offerings.

Our current packages include the Natural, Fantasy, Excellence, Trans-Mix, Couples, and Women packages. Most of our packages provide the opportunity to select two ladies of your choice, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience. Our aim is to design experiences that maximize our customers’ pleasure and satisfaction.

The Excellence, Couple, Trans-Mix, and Women packages feature the most advanced virtual reality technology on the market, specifically tailored for sex by our internal development team. These offerings are continuously enhanced through collaboration with Brain Waves XR, our VR tech partner.

By combining the VR content with the FLOW process, the sense of being physically present and sexual arousal increased dramatically. Your experience will feel so real, you’ll hardly believe it’s virtual! Make your sexual desires a reality. Free demonstrations are offered on site to help you to choose the package that’s right for you.

Our discerning customers deserve nothing but the best!

 I am in a committed relationship, is this service for me?

If you’re wondering whether our service is suitable for someone in a committed relationship, the answer is yes. We understand that relationships are complex, and people have diverse needs and desires. Our service offers an ethical and alternative way to engage in sex and explore sexuality.

We lead the ethical sex alternatives market in Canada and the US, offering experiences that prioritize safety and discretion. Our services are free from prostitution, legitimate, and legalized in Canada and the US.

Seeking sexual experiences outside of an established relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you are less committed to your partner or seeking to hurt them. Our experiences do not involve emotional connections or physical penetration with another real person. We believe that our offerings can provide satisfaction without feelings of guilt. That way, you can get the best of both worlds: Sex and not cheating!

If you and your partner possess differing sexual energies or desires, exploring our ethical proposition and experiencing Ohmydoll could present a beneficial option. Our service is designed to enrich your life and fortify your relationship, removing the necessity to seek sexual satisfaction outside of your partnership and circumventing potential complications. It’s important to prioritize open communication and mutual understanding with your partner. Many of our guests in relationships have even had their experiences paid for by their wives!

We understand that no one wants to intentionally harm their partner, and you may discover that our ethical alternative aligns with your values. We encourage you to give it a try and see how it positively impacts your life.

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I am single, is this service for me?
Absolutely! Our services cater to singles seeking new thrills and sexual adventures, eager to delve deeper into life’s experiences. Furthermore, our technology offers the opportunity to engage in orgies and interact with blondes, brunettes, redheads, and women of various shapes, ethnicities, and sizes—allowing you to feel everything. Who knows, you might discover a preference for a particular type of woman, as if all the stars have aligned, potentially guiding you to your future partner. Many singles also explore our Trans-Mix experience, which combines interactions with both cisgender women and transgender individuals. We lead in sexual innovation, delivering the pleasure you seek to explore and fulfill.

Are there any external resources or information available about ethical sex, the VR Phantom Touch, and Ohmydoll services in general?

Certainly. You can search online. Ohmydoll was established in Montreal in 2018, and various media outlets and blogs have featured engaging articles.

Here are a few links to articles:

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Article 7-Escorts, Ohmydoll, and the Growing Demand to Satisfy Sexual Needs Without Crossing Ethical Boundaries

A selection of sex dolls from Ohmydoll

What makes the Ohmydoll experience worth trying?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it varies depending on individual context. The exceptional quality of our lovely dolls is something many are drawn to out of curiosity and fantasy. As you explore, you’ll discover how they compare to a traditional escort experience, including the realism of vaginal, anal, and oral penetration.

Special recognition goes to our exclusive access within the adult entertainment industry to the most advanced VR architecture in the Phantom Touch virtual reality field. We have tailored the Flow technology, developed by Brain Waves XR, specifically for sexual experiences. Our Sex-Flow VR technology amplifies the virtual reality aspect of the experience, while our Love Dolls offer the physical dimensions of sexual interaction.

Your brain will feel as though it’s directly connected to the action, being stimulated without any physical contact. Remember in “The Matrix” movie how characters plug into the Matrix and that world becomes their reality? It’s a similar sensation here. You’ll experience brain arousal through the Sex-Flow VR, further enhanced by physical arousal with your chosen companion from our selection of lifelike Love Dolls.

For possibly the first time in your life, your senses will merge, allowing you to experience touch, penetration, and everything visualized through VR as if it were real. You’ll sense your brain taking control of your physical sensations and responses, watching this unfold with a part of your conscious mind in astonishment. It’s an unprecedented feeling, now accessible to you.

The Ohmydoll experience offers more than just sex; it provides relaxation as well. Scientific research has shown that VR can be utilized for therapeutic purposes. Furthermore, with our Phantom Touch Illusion technology, you’ll experience a surge of positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. It’s a triple win: you come for sex, relieve stress/anxiety, and embark on a new adventure. Additionally, our commitment to legitimacy, discretion, hygiene, and ethical values enhances your experience.

There isn’t just one reason to visit us; there are countless reasons that justify your visit and entice you to try the unique Ohmydoll Experience.

How much privacy will I have?

We now boast over 40,000 visits without a single privacy incident. Your privacy is our top priority, and we manage every aspect of your experience with the highest level of discretion, including our locations, reservation system, and payment processes.

To uphold our privacy standards, we strictly operate by appointment only, without accommodating walk-ins. We meticulously schedule bookings to facilitate discreet arrivals and departures, guaranteeing you will not cross paths with other customers during your visit.

Our establishments feature spacious parking lots and maintain a discreet presence, devoid of any external signage that reveals the nature of our business. From the outside, our locations mimic the appearance of regular offices, complete with separate entrances that are distinctly set apart from neighboring properties. Furthermore, most of our rooms are soundproofed, providing a tranquil environment for your utmost comfort.

Our clientele is diverse, attracting individuals in search of ethical and safe experiences. Our respected customer base spans various professions, including doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, and tech enthusiasts. This variety contributes to the elegance of our locations, which are meticulously designed with customer privacy as the paramount concern.

For those paying with debit or credit cards, please note that the name “ohmydoll” (Oh My Doll) will not appear on your statements. Instead, a numbered company is used to ensure the confidentiality and discretion of your personal information. Protecting your privacy is our highest priority, and we implement stringent measures to maintain it throughout your experience.

A Life-Changing Experience: A Heartfelt Testimonial from Rob.G

We believe in the power of real stories and honest feedback from our customers. Here’s a heartfelt testimony from one of our clients who wanted to share their experience and shed light on the impact Ohmydoll can have on relationships. Please take a moment to read.

We appreciate the trust and openness of our customers who share their journeys with us. If you have a story or feedback you’d like to contribute, we would be honored to hear from you and share it with others.

Testimonial : Rob.G : I believe it is the right thing to leave a comment about your services by sharing my story. I want by leaving my opinion to help others find your service and give it a chance and a try, it deserves it. This might be life changing for many specifically the ones are in relationships, they love their wives, their partner but can’t contain their impulsive tendency to have sex outside their marriage. I’ll start by saying that i enjoyed the excellence experience. It felt relaxing, stimulating and i don’t even remember how many times i had orgasms during the 2 hours. It is really a different feeling, a different experience and you realize that everything is top notch including the staff, the cleanliness and everything else. My brain was connected to the action, the VR tech based on the flow from Brain waves xr makes the feeling of penetration, the kisses and all the action happening hits you straight on the brain. It’s indescriptible till you wear and try their demos at the location. The dolls gave the feeling of the physical penetration and both VR and dolls complement each other. Overall, i am a customer for life. Now why i believe by Meta SPA providing the ohmydoll experience is a game changer for many people is because if it would have existed then I would still have my family. I lost my wife and broken my family because i cheated on her 2 years ago. I was a sugar daddy to a woman and luck was not on my side because my wife saw us together one time and i had texted her that i was at work. The chances of me being seen in a restaurant were slim and yet my wife decide to go to that same restaurant with her sister which was very unlikely but happened. I tried to tell my wife that it was a sexual relationship but it was too late, she was offended, she felt the betrayal and our relationship did not last after that revelation. I lost the trust of my kids and i lost what really mattered to me. The point with this story is If your service would have been available back then, i would have used it because its technically not cheating. I believe that if my wife would have found out that i used VR with dolls to satisfy my sexual needs, she would have laughed at me or even encouraged me instead of using other traditional ways. I would have kept my family together, got my sexual pleasure and to be honest, what i felt with your service exceeded whatever i felt before. Its so unique. So i really beg you, especially the men in good relationships with kids. If you intend to have sexual pleasure outside your couple for whatever reason, do not use escorts, do not use massage parlors, do not use secret benefits website to be a sugar daddy, try Ohmydoll, get an amazing, legit and safe experience and the bonus, you keep your family. I beg everyone to read this, i don’t want anyone to go through my experience…if you feel you’re lucky and you’ll not be get caught, the world is small and i am the perfect example.

An heterosexual couple making love while using VR sex

What about hygiene?

Our escorts undergo immediate cleaning after each service. See for yourself the stringent hygiene measures taken by our maintenance staff in our well-equipped facilities. Our expert cleaning staff undergoes rigorous training to provide exceptional maintenance and the highest standards of hygiene. Following each session, they conduct a comprehensive cleaning process that includes high-pressure water cleaning, application of suitable cleaning products, and thorough sanitization, all within our technologically advanced cleaning facilities. The dolls are then set aside to rest for a minimum of 24 hours before their next use. Our dedication to upholding a clean and safe environment guarantees that clients can enjoy their experiences with confidence and peace of mind.

What kind of experiences can I try?

As an inclusive corporation, we aim to provide a wide variety of sexual experiences, ensuring no one is left out. Our services encompass experiences for Singles and Couples, as well as specialized Trans-Mix and Women‘s experiences. Leveraging the advanced Sex-Flow VR technology and our comprehensive collection of virtual reality sex content, we are committed to helping everyone fulfill their fantasies.

Achieve your fantasies by booking with us. Explore the following links to learn more about today’s most sought-after fantasies:

Article 1: Requested Fantasies

Article 2: Requested Fantasies

The picture shows a man with signs of attention deficit and hyper activity. The man is naked

ADHD, Neurodivergent Folks: We Also Have Tailored Packages for You!

Neurodivergent individuals love to explore new things and new ways; this curiosity is in their DNA and is what makes them unique. Neurodivergent individuals are scientifically recognized for their above-average curiosity. Famous figures such as Einstein, Da Vinci, and Picasso, along with many other creators, are noted for having ADHD. Much of today’s innovation can be attributed to the contributions of neurodivergent individuals. For many, their brains are constantly active, often operating at 100 miles per hour in various directions, which can make relaxation difficult. That’s why, through our partnership with Brain Waves XR, we are able to offer specific packages designed to meet the needs of our neurodivergent customers. These packages not only provide pleasure but also deep relaxation for your brain.

Ohmydoll’s Sex-Flow R technology, included in these specific neurodivergent packages, is designed to facilitate multiple orgasms, immersing your brain in a cocktail of hormones triggered by sexual activity, including the well-known dopamine. If you’re neurodivergent and looking to relax, engage in sexual pleasure, chase that dopamine rush, and unwind, Ohmydoll offers a welcoming and accommodating experience.

Do we offer Trans-Mix experiences (1 Trans+1 Regular)? Absolutely! If you’re curious, you may be wondering what to expect.

There’s no better place to explore a trans experience than with Ohmydoll. Here, you maintain full control over your exploration, as you’re by yourself without direct interaction with a real trans person. Essentially, you can experience trans-related sexual activities without the complexities that might accompany encounters with a real trans individual. This makes it an ideal starting point for those curious about exploring aspects like the prostate orgasm. Moreover, should you find the trans aspect not to your liking, you can still enjoy the conventional aspects of the experience. This flexibility is precisely why we call it the Trans-Mix experience—it combines both conventional and trans elements.

Here are some benefits of our Trans-Mix experience: 

  1. Prostate Stimulation: The prostate, often referred to as the “male G-spot,” can be stimulated through anal sex, potentially leading to intense orgasms.

  2. Pleasure from Anal Nerves: The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can offer significant pleasure.

  3. Sexual Variety: Adding anal sex to sexual activities can enhance variety and excitement, contributing to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

  4. Overcoming Taboos: Exploring anal sex can help individuals challenge and overcome societal taboos, leading to a more open and liberated sexual life.

  5. Equality in Pleasure: It offers a form of sexual pleasure not contingent on traditional gender roles, promoting equality and mutual satisfaction in the relationship.

Remember, as an inclusive corporation, our mission is to offer a wide range of sexual experiences. If you’re considering the Trans-Mix experience, feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or to make a booking. More information about the Trans-Mix experience is available on our homepage.

A trans shemale going bottom on a man. They are both on a table

How do I book my escorts and my Ohmydoll experience?

To book your appointment, simply text our customer service directly at the following numbers: 438-320-0866 for Montreal & QC, 825-419-4040 for Edmonton #1, and 825-888-0011 for Edmonton #2. Should you need more information, encounter issues with our live chat, or if the responses from our initial live chat support don’t meet your expectations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team via text for further assistance. Our website’s live chat is operational 24/7, while phone customer service is available for texts from 7 AM to 1 AM.

Payments are processed at the time of your appointment at our location. We accept cash, debit cards, credit cards (credit card payments require a valid ID and incur a $10 fee), and Interac e-transfers. For certain types of reservations, such as couples’ experiences or group bookings, a $100 deposit may be necessary. The requirement for a deposit, along with its terms, for services like couples’ experiences or group bookings, is at the discretion of our administration.

 What can I expect about the privacy of my reservation?

We have designed everything to ensure absolute confidentiality and discretion for all our customers. That’s why, from the outside, our locations seem like a simple office space with no exterior visible brand signage. A small detail at the entrance of each of our locations helps customers know they are at the right place. Discretion and privacy are among the key reasons why advanced booking is required to access our locations. This way, we can limit who has access and when. We also provide personalized and exceptional service for each and every customer.

 Which means of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, debit, credit card (ID is required for credit card payments + $10 fees) and Interac e-transfers on-site.

 Any Virtual tour ?

We do not offer virtual tours or share videos of our experiences. This policy reflects our strict ban on recording during your visit. We enforce a no-camera rule throughout our premises, and even if you are alone in your room, we trust that you will adhere to this policy. Our goal is for you to fully immerse yourself and relax during your stay.

 Press (Extras)

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