☺Who is your escort service addressed to?

Our clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are, most of the time, in couples in real life. They enjoy our services and then go home with sexual satisfaction never equaled while having the moral advantage of knowing that they have not been (really) unfaithful to their relationship. Thursdays we have clients from all walks of life and on weekends our clients are mostly single people. Our clients are usually between the ages of 25 and 50 and enjoy every second of the sexual experiences they are offered.

We work in the field of technology. We develop new concepts regularly. Our services are at the cutting edge of technology through our in-house development team and our business partners working in the Sex-tech industry. Through our network, we are able to provide the most advanced sexual experiences of the future at the moment! Recently, different experiences, Trans and for Couples, have been added to answer a generalized demand.

What is the OMD™ VR experience?

VR (Virtual Reality) is a developing industry supported by key tech players such as Facebook and Microsoft. Virtual reality simulates the presence of its user in an artificially generated environment by a software. It allows us to virtually reproduce a sensory experience including sight, touch, hearing, and smell (visual, sound or haptic).

At Ohmydoll, we developed our own version of VR. We launched the first generation of our VR experiences that comes with our silicone escorts since the beginning of 2019. The success was incredible. Our customers helped us improve many aspects of our experiences along the way. This December 2019, we are launching the much-awaited version 2.0.

Our VR experiences are of the most immersive on the market. Our teams work daily on creating and improving our content so the combination Escorts + VR experiences ALWAYS exceeds the expectations of our customers upon every visit. You will feel the life-like experience accompanied by porn actresses and your sexual debates will not stop until you are completely sated!

It is simply a unique experience you must try. It is simply the OMD EXPERIENCE!

What types of experiences do you offer?

We offer solo or couple experiences as well as trans experiences. Our developments in Virtual Reality (VR) and the integration of new technologies sex-tech with our escorts are the three fundamental axes of the experience we offer you, an experiment that we can easily describe as unique in the world. With OMD ™ VR, we help our customers achieve their fantasies. If you want to experience some popular fantasies that you can achieve by booking with us, check out the following link: VR Fantasies

Do you offer Trans experiences? I’m intrigued, but have never tried it. What should I expect?

The best way to experience prostate pleasure is now at Ohmydoll. You are in control of your experience in a discreet apartment. Try new types of orgasms thanks to the Trans de Ohmydoll experiences. If you are not yet familiar with prostatic orgasm, click this link : Prostate Orgam

☺How your service is different from the traditional escort service?

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world! After more than 2000 years without innovation in the escort industry, we have begun to introduce innovative continuously improved technological solutions for your sexual satisfaction. With time, the world will realize that its sexual satisfaction is better obtained by Ohmydoll than by using escorts’ services! Our existing customers already know it and they show us their love! Our proudest exploit is to have paired for you the best silicone escorts on the market with our immersive technology OMD™ VR… and all of it completely legally!
Have you ever dreamed of participating in an orgy with the most beautiful girls in this world? Have you experienced the desire to travel instantly to places around the globe, to find yourself in Russia or in your virtual condo in Miami and have sex-breathtaking sex? All these fantasies, you can now access near your home without paying astronomical sums of money! With our girls connected to the world of virtual reality, you can now feel the physical, auditory and visual sensations of orgies and of sexual intercourse in which you are the actor. Our OMD™ VR technology is unique. Just try it! We don’t want to spoil the mysterious side of the experience for you. All we can say is that Matrix is no longer just a fiction movie, it has become a reality in which you are the character in action.
To top it off, Ohmydoll provides escort services legally. Our young ladies are considered sex toys., so you don’t have to worry about the latest news on the RADAR program put in place by the Montreal, Laval and Longueil police departments. If you have not yet heard about this news, click on this link for more information: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/police-focus-on-sex-trade-in-advance-of-big-price-1.4440180
We provide a sexual alternative of the best quality at a good price and, most importantly, without fear of the law!
You do not like wearing condoms? It’s not a problem! Our silicone ladies follow a strict hygiene before and after each customer. Whether or not to wear a condom remains your choice. Each service package is provided with a kit containing condoms and lubricant.
Here are the performances you can accomplish with the escorts (Oh My Doll): MSOG (Multiple Shots On Goal), BB (Bareback), BBBJ (Bare back Blowjob), BBFS (Sexual Intercourse without Condom), LFK (Light French Kiss) , CIM (Cum in Mouth), Kissing, HJ (Handjob), Russian (Rubbing Penis between Breasts), DT (Deep Throat), Greek (Anal Sex), CID (Cum in Deep), COB (Cum On Body), COF (Cum On Face), MPOS, ATM (Ass to Mouth), FIV (Finger In Vagina), FIA (Finger In Ass), Analingus, Cunnilingus, COUPLE.
Contrary to first impressions, our silicone escorts are very flexible. So much that you will have fun making love to them in all sorts of hot positions.
Have we forgotten to mention that you do not have to pay extra for options like anal, oral, etc.?
Prepare to have a good time and do not forget to book for a sufficient amount of time, because it will go by fast!

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☺How was the idea of Ohmydoll born?

Created by a serial entrepreneur, Ohmydoll has benefited from the technology knowledge and the business skills of its founder to achieve its fame today. Having himself a high dose of testosterone, he does not share the same degree of sexual intensity as his partner. Also, having young children doesn’t make it easy for the couple to pursue their secret quest!
He discovered an article in 2018 about sex dolls, and decided to get one that he would discreetly keep in his Montreal’s office. Upon reception of his purchase, the founder was blasted away by its aesthetic quality and life-like feel comparable to a woman’s flesh. Being an early adopter of new technologies and working in the field, our founder began to see the possibilities of combining dolls with virtual reality.
What followed was a lineup of research and analysis before launching the project. Our founder saw the future for a new industry. He also knows the benefits that this new sexual world can bring to people in all situations, whether they are alone or in a relationship. Ohmydoll’s mission is to make individuals more confident, increase their physical and mental well-being, provide safe and clean sex, strengthen relationships and provide an ethical alternative to sex through the use of technology.
NB: This article has been approved for publication by the founder’s spouse 🙂

☺Are there news articles related to your field of services?

Here are the links to relevant articles that you can consult:
In French:
Article 1: Est-ce que coucher avec un robot sexuel, c’est tromper?
Article 2 : Est ce que la réalité virtuelle prédit la fin des relations sexuelles «réelles»?
Article 3 : Sexe et VR : participez à une grande étude scientifique à Londres!
In English:
Article 1: How Robots, IoT And AI Are Changing How Humans Have Sex?
Article 2 : Brothel Worker Transforms Herself into ‘Sex Doll’ to Cash in on Robot Craze

☺How to book my escort and my OMD VR experience?

You can book by texting directly to our customer service at 438-483-3232. You can also chat with us directly via our website. If you wish to pay online, you must first make your preliminary reservation with our customer service who will then communicate the payment procedure to you. You can also pay at the time of your booking by cash, debit or credit cards. Booking with Ohmydoll is simple, easy and fast!
In some cases, we may require a deposit of $50 for the reservation. To find out more, check out our booking policy here: https://ohmydoll.ca/en/rent/reservationpolicy/

☺Why choose your service? I have never made love to a silicone woman, what should I expect?

First, we acknowledge that our industry is very recent and that is why we have put in place several information tools to demystify preconceived ideas.
Take a look at our customers’ reviews on our dolls. We have encouraged customers to share their experience because we believe strongly in the transparency in our process. Reviews are available for every doll on the website.
Regarding preconceived ideas, making love to plastic is a phrase we had previously heard. Let’s explain first and argue later!
Have you ever used condoms? They are made of latex, but they still allow you to feel the physical sensations of pleasure while being protected. It’s the same with our silicone escorts, except that the sensation is a thousand times better!
Our young ladies are not designed with plastic but rather with new generation silicone duplicating the natural characteristics of the human body in its smallest details. When you touch her skin, you will feel that she is softer than a real woman, from her private parts to her mouth. Our ladies have an internal warming system that allows you to feel the comfort of her body both inside and out. When you make love to Jessica, one of our wonderful and famous escorts, you will be pleasantly surprised by the warmth of her intimate parts. With the help of the provided complimentary lubricant, you will navigate the waves of pleasure. Forget the condom and explore the bare flesh without the risks. The choice is yours.


☺ Why does your site sometimes refer me to ohmydollvr.com?

Sites such as playdoll.ca, ohmydollvr.com, lumidolls.ca and rentadoll.ca are the direct properties of Ohmydoll. You can navigate freely on these sites because they are part of our secure network.

☺ What are your rates and how do they compare to other escort services?

It is stated from the start: We do not position ourselves as traditional escort services. Ours are different, although it’s the same target audience in a lot of cases. We will always try to offer the best rates for the discovery of silicone and immersive OMD VR experiences and new technologies. Our mission is to develop a sustainable clientele. Our current rates will always have a better quality / price ratio compared to traditional escorts.
Additionally maintenance is essential to us. Everything is prepared with attention and detail. Indeed, a client who reserves a traditional escort cannot be sure that he’s the first to have licked her breasts that evening and must not believe he is the lucky one for whom she took a shower for. In addition, we respect our appointments and you do not risk seeing our young ladies running away with your money or the police at the door!

Rates may resemble or vary from one model to another. Each escort, as well as the package chosen may have specific features and options. We want to introduce our experience to as many people as possible, and for this, we offer very low rates now, but they may change in the future.

☺ What should I expect with my reservation at the level of discretion?

With us, discretion is not just a word, it’s a fact. We have designed everything to ensure absolute confidentiality and discretion.

☺ I want to book for only one hour, is it possible?

We have already offered hourly reservations before, but the majority of our customers, once they discovered our girls and the VR experiences, wanted to extend their reservation. This became
problematic when there where other pending reservations. In order to simplify the logistics and meet the demand, we rarely offer one-hour blocks.

☺ Why should I rent companion dolls instead of buying them?

A high quality doll like the one we offer on our platform costs up to thousands of dollars and some even over $ 5,000. Renting equals saying no to routines, and allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. We will always make sure that our inventory has the newest models on the market. Also, we provide the advantage of taking care of everything. As the dolls’ technology evolve, they are more and more competing with real-life humans. In real life, you don’t want to be stuck with the first version of an Iphone while others are enjoying the use of an Iphone10, right? The more we popularize our services, the more affordable it will become. No dream is too big for us. We aspire to be nothing less than the Netflix of companion dolls’ services!

☺ I’m worried about hygiene, can you tell me more?

In terms of hygiene, our escorts are immediately cleaned after a service. You will see for yourself the hygiene measures put in place. The complete maintenance is done by handing it over to our maintenance staff in our appropriately equipped premises. After their maintenance, our silicone escorts rest on clean beds while waiting to resume their service. We offer you a kit of lubricant and condoms, although it is not necessary to wear them.

☺ How could I fully enjoy my time with my escort?

With our development OMD VR, you will feel real sensations comparable to masturbation, sex and blowjobs. Our lady allows the completion of the full physical experience. Do you know that an escort doll weighs almost as much as a real person? You can have fun in your desired positions on your bed, manipulate her fingers, toes, legs, hands, arms, and even her neck. her body is flexible enough to allow such maneuvers, as long as you keep her on the bed and do not move her around. You must also not use sharp objects or you will be held responsible for the damage caused.

☺ Which means of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, e-interac and on-site credit and debit card payments.