Who is our service addressed to ?

Our customers are usually between 20 and 55 years old and appreciate every second of the sexual experiences we offer them. If you have never booked with us, do so in advance, because we are usually fully booked. We experience a lot of clients’ traffic rather at the start of the week.

From Monday to Wednsday, our customers are mostly ´in a committed relationship’ clients. They go home with unparalleled sexual satisfaction and with the moral advantage of knowing that they have not been unfaithful to their relationship nor to their values.

On the other days, our clientele is composed of a harmonious mix of singles and non-singles.

How to book my escorts and my OMD™VR experience ?

You can book by texting directly to our customer service at 4387924801 (Montreal) , 4389216311 (Quebec) , 8258880011 (Edmonton). You can also chat with us directly via our website. If you wish to pay online, you must first make your preliminary reservation with our customer service who will then communicate the payment procedure to you. You can also pay at the time of your booking by cash or e-interac. Booking with Ohmydoll is simple, easy and fast!

Why should i choose the Ohmydoll experience instead of real escorts ?

Aside from the security, moral values and legal aspects, the sanitary precautions and the professional quality of our services compared to other escort services, the main aspect that makes us the best is THE GUARANTEE OF PURE PLEASURE!

OMD™ Experience is a combinatorial experience between our escorts and our VR experiences that beats all expectations you may have. We develop our experiments based on scientific studies so that your brain produces the most pleasure hormones throughout your sexual experience. The sexual pleasure relaxes thanks to the cocktail of hormones produced by the brain: dopamine,endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin,…it’s a real feeling of well-being that invades you and that makes you soar! This euphoria is explained by the activation of an area of the brain, the reward system, also involved for all sources of pleasure.

First off, dopamine, the hormone of motivation, participates in the blossoming and maintenance of pleasure since it motivates us to make love over and over again. Then the endorphins, pleasure molecules, cause the pleasant sensation of well-being after sex, just like serotonin. They are ideal for fighting bad moods and to see life through rose-coloured glasses again! Oxytocin is a major ingredient in the orgasmic cocktail: It promotes well-being and relaxation and benefits you from a reduction of anxiety, of stress and of aggression. A zest of vasopressin then lowers stress and anxiety and increases among other things, attraction!

Our VR experiences are the most immersive on the market. Our teams work on content, render and improve on a daily basis the different aspects of the combinatorial experience between our escorts, sex-tech and VR experiences in order to ALWAYS beat our customers’ expectations on every visit. You will think that you are in the real physical presence of porn actresses. You will feel the textures, touches, penetrations, kisses between the girls in our experiences as if you are receiving them. Your lovemaking will not stop as long as your brain is connected to our experiences, even if your balls have been completely emptied! The laws of gravity will not apply here, just as in real life!

When creating our different packages, we work with this knowledge in mind. That is why our packages are so specially tailored to your needs! To relax, we recommend the Fantasy package. For deep sensations and sex, the Excellence package is the most recommended. The Trans-Mix experience combines both straight and Trans action. We recommend the Trans-Mix experience men with an adventurous spirit. 

To each his taste and discoveries!

It is a unique experience to savor, it is simply THE OMDEXPERIENCE!

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What is the difference between the different packages and how can i book the right package for me ?

Demonstrations are offered and customers can choose the package on site. We currently offer the following packages: Blowcow, Fantasy and Excellence, Trans-Mix, Couples and Women in order to respond to a growing and diversified demand.

The majority of our packages come with 2 ladies of your choice. It is because our experiences are designed to maximize our customers’ pleasure that we offer most of the time experiences in DUO. NB : Women, Trans-Mix and Couple packages have different equipments.

All of our packages include a different version of our OMD™VR (Virtual Reality Tech) except the Basic package. Our OMD™VR technology is the best there is. Our OMD™VR technology Deluxe V1 (first generation: january 2020) is included in our Blowcow and Fantasy packages. The Excellence, Couple, Trans-Mix and Women packages work with the OMD™VR Deluxe V2 (continuously upgraded by our Dev team in collaboration with 50shadesvr tech partner).

Our collaboration with 50shadesvr gave us access to the FSVR FLOW technology. By combining our technology with the FLOW, the senses of presence and sexual arousal increases drastically. You’ll probably forget your presence in our virtual worlds and your brain will start asking wich world is the real one. All your sexual desires will become a reality. It’s simply AMAZING! Demos offered on site.

If we only offer the best, it’s because we also have the best customers! An unequaled experience for an unequaled clientele. For the following packages : Basic and Blowcow, we sometimes limit the accessibility to these packages because of the high demand for our services on certain days.

What types of experiences do i get ?

We offer singles or couple experiences as well as trans and women experiences. Our developments in Virtual Reality (VR) and the integration of new sex-tech technologies in addition to our escorts are the main axes of the experiences we provide. With OMD™VR and the large number of virtual reality sex content we have, WE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR FANTASIES.

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Do we offer Trans-Mix experiences (1Trans+1Regular) ? YES!! You’re intrigued, but have never tried it. What should you expect ?

The best way to experience prostate pleasure is now at Ohmydoll. You are in control of your experience in one of our discreet locations. Try new types of orgasms thanks to the Trans de Ohmydoll experiences. If you are not yet familiar with prostatic orgasm, click these links and explore the unexpected :

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You think about hygienic aspects, we can tell you more …

In terms of hygiene, our escorts are immediately cleaned after a service. You will see for yourself the hygiene measures put in place. The complete maintenance is done by handing it over to our maintenance staff in our appropriately equipped premises. After their maintenance, our silicone escorts rest on clean beds (for 24 hours minimum) while waiting to resume their service the next day. We offer you a kit of lubricant and condoms.

What should you expect with your reservation at the level of discretion ?

With us, discretion is not just a word, it’s a fact. We have designed everything to ensure absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Which means of payment are accepted?

We accept cash and Interac E-transfer on-site.

Any Virtual tour ?

Here is the link. The video was shot in 2018. Almost 4 years have passed and we are continuing our work to make our customers happy.

Click this link : Virtual Tour