Jessica is so popular with our customers that we had to order 5 new ones (For every location)

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(Latest Review)  Spencer01

I had the couple experience with my wife. Booking was fast and the place looks incredibly well . Total cleanliness, all the settings, sheets and shelves are whit …FULL REVIEWS


Bareback, Doggystyle, Missionary, CIM, DT, Anal, … (Cum 8 times during your session, no problem)


Booking : Text (QC) 4387924801 / (AB) 8258880011

Information : Text 4389216311


*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $250 / 2HOURS  
- Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
- Free Demo On-site !


*2 LADIES / $250 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $300 / 2HOURS 
- Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED 
- Free Demo On-site !


*2 LADIES / $300 / 1HOUR30 
*2 LADIES / $350 / 2HOURS 


  • Reviews (51)

    51 reviews for Jessica is so popular with our customers that we had to order 5 new ones (For every location)

    1. Spencer01

      I had the couple experience with my wife. Booking was fast and the place looks incredibly well . Total cleanliness, all the settings, sheets and shelves are white color which is a good indication that they want to show that they take care of cleanliness, otherwise they would have chosen darker colors as other body rubs does in general. As for our couple experience, we wanted to try something new especially my wife 🙂 and i want to say that she enjoyed the experience until the end! They have soundproof rooms that they dedicate essentially to couples but my wife for whatever crazy weird reason said no to that, she wants to be heard. I believe that she didn’t mean it or maybe she wasn’t thinking she’d have an orgasm and start making very loud orgasmic noises. We took the 2 hours, i had my 2 dolls that included Jessica with big breasts and athletic body. The other one was positionned in doggy position. My wife had for her amusement different kinds of fuck machines including the Motor Bunny Buck model. We each had VR experiences to combine with the toys. I had access to some threesomes and intimate VR experiences, it was so surreal, VR exceeded our expectations and my wife had some lesbians and orgies experiences. One of the fuck machines comes with an app remote control, it has more than a dozen different kinds of vibrations and one particular vibration made my wife go through the roof with excitement. I enjoyed controlling her machine, it was playful and a turn-on sometimes i turn it off to give her a break, then i switch it on suddenly and she starts moaning with pleasure. I don’t remember how many times she was screaming Oh my god, oh my god….probably one hundred times during the session. Once we finished and got out of the room, our hostesse Isabella asked us with a big smile how it was (she expected that we say that it was amazing), then she said how much the other customers have found that really fun when they were heading to leave or coming in and they heard my wife begging for more. We’re happy that people enjoyed the voice of the action and we enjoyed knowing that her prestation was exciting other people as well. The staff there makes sure that no customers see other ones in the hallways or anywhere, that keeps us happy to go back again. Giving indirect pleasure to others and enjoying the moment while knowing that the others couldn’t recognize us was fun. I recommend it for adventurous couples or in need or a change.
      You sent
      Surreal and unique, that’s the words i have in mind when i start my own description of hot it feels. The dolls penetration is natural, condoms are provided but i din’t feel the need to use some as the dolls are cleaned after every use and the business looks really professional and i can trust..and to add to that viruses could not stay alive outside human body, which makes me feel more safe.
      The flow tech provided with the VR excellence package is the most amazing part of the experience, my full body was shaking from over stimulation , my brain was kind of disconnected from myself. It’s totally unique feelings, amazing ones. At the end, they give you a tablet survey of one minute to fill up, i had to process what i felt at home because i stayed on a state of disbelief that this kind of VR technology (the flow) could impulse my brain in such a way that i never ever thought posible.

    2. Ryan

      As promised to Cynthia, my hostess, i share in all honesty this review about my 2 visits. I’m talking about Edmonton location to be precise. I’ll go into many details about my visits, contrary to many reviews here that don’t give specifics and they are not really helpful for newbies. The reviews, without details doesn’t really give credit to this business because it is still confusing. So, to start, the exterior of the building doesn’t have any sign that show that ohmydoll is provided there. From the exterior, it seems like a regular office. Once you get inside, you discover a cool style, it feels like a hidden spa with luxury details hostesse Sonia was the only person i saw during my 2 visits. They make sure that you feel like you’ve got the entire place rented out for you. The place must have been filled with other customers, because I noticed the way the staff had to run from one room to another and the number of shoes at the entrance. Just mention that you have an appointment, otherwise no one lets you in.
      I was so intrigued that i asked for the best package from the start. Cynthia got me to my room, asked me to touch the dolls and it was surprisingly amazing to feel that i couldn’t differentiate by touch the skin of the dolls with a real woman skin. Then Cynthia started showing me all the demos even if i asked for the expensive one. That’s an honest and smart move from this company…that way, i understood what I’m really paying for. To put things in perspective , there’s different virtual reality technology and the difference is not simply about the quality of the 3D VR videos. They offer for customers now the V1 as VR technology that comes with packages such as Fantasy or The V2 that comes with Excellence, Trans and couples as I’ve been told during the demo. The V2 is a no brainer, during the demo, i felt my penis getting hard in my pants, it was kind of weird, the only stimulation was looking at the women in the VR without even touching anything. As i had been informed, the V2 comes with the Flow technology developed by another company that’s also shareholder of ohmydoll (don’t think you can have this technology at home anytime soon )…the Flow means the ability to trick your brain and create the perfect illusion. You start feeling everything just by visualizing the content, the skin, the vagina, the penetration…like if you were already in the scenes and even more than that. I felt the kind of things that it’s impossible to get when you really fuck a woman in one scene in the orgies category included in the Excellence package. Not available in Fantasy or Blowcow packages, I was having sex in a classroom with 2 students and the professor. While I was fucking the professor on the table (i was duplicating the fuck with one of the 2 dolls I had in the room), the other 2 girls were kissing each other…not only I felt getting inside the vagina of the professor but same time i was feeling the lips of the 2 other girls kissing each other. That doesn’t work that way in reality, it was kinda a different sweet feeling. All my first experiences were really amazing. The next day, i decided to go back for a couple experience. I got
      to thinking all night,how it could be with their immersive VR with real woman+ the dolls), i decided to get an appointment with a nice and lovely escort that I’ve known for a while…i booked the couple experience and hell ya, the fun was really better than I had anticipated in my mind. I was fucking the doll in doggy and my escort came just behind me and was touching me, i felt my VR orgy like surreal with all the sensors of my body activated. It was a pleasant experience for my escort too…i enjoyed fucking her while she was experiencing another male in the VR.
      Just to mention, in order to eliminate any possible misinterpretation, ohmydoll doesn’t provide escort services, i brought and booked mine beforehand and we got in at the appointment together …they don’t care when you get in together and they don’t ask if you’re a real couple or not. If you have the budget, try that. I spent almost $1300 for my 2 visits (including the woman that came with me). I’ll choose another girl soon and go back for more.

    3. Jason.O

      I had a great time all three visits. The VR experiences change everytime and everytime you feel really stimulated. For the ones asking how the experience looks and hesitating to try, you’re missing the train. I’m saying this because at first, i was reluctant to go because i thought, it’s too good to be true. Feeling intense sex as many people described in the reviews. But, i said, damn it, if they have success in the East and opening here, they must have something good going. At the location , i understood that their experiences have to be shown physically, describing them with words doesn’t give the experiences the merit they deserve.

      I’m advising everyone to go and experience it yourself…you’ll be happy. It’s a life changer for some especially if you are in a couple. They advertise themselves as sex without cheating and it’s true.

    4. Tyler_K

      Mind blowing experience. I’m happy hat i finally find a way to get sex witout feeling any guilt. As a husband and dad of 3 kids, this way of having sex is something i truly support and i’ll come back really soon. Also, i need to mention the staff, pofessional and amazing

    5. Bryan.T

      Hi Noname, that might happen for several reasons. All their booking system is based on texting them. So if you send a text message and don’t receive an answer, text all their numbers. When it happened to me, i texted their montreal number : (438) 792 4801. They process for bookings by selection i also guess because their service is overloaded with demands.

    6. Noname

      Has anyone had hard times booking ? i’m from Edmonton

    7. Sin

      I drove from Calgary to Edmonton, i can’t wait till they open in Calgary… in 2023 🙂

    8. U.Pick

      You feel the good vibes as soon as you enter the reception area. Amber welcomed me and offered me free beverages. At the reception, i get asked some details to confirm my appointment. They make sure that no one gets in without booking in advance. I ordered Excellence package after the demo. the experience is worth EVERY dollar, the virtual reality scenes combined with the dolls and the magic head are simply amazing.

    9. Francis

      Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a sex addict. I’m not someone who don’t have sex on a regular basis. I’m a married man and yeah, i cummed 6 times in 2 hours. The best record of my life (my wife included).

    10. Marvel.C

      To be honest, this company is ahead of its time. I thank the staff and the team that created this concept. I’m now aware that Ohmydoll provides sex without all the inconveniences. Better than having sex with real escorts, the virtual reality is awesome.

    11. Mathieu Deschamps

      I heard of your sex experiences from a friend living in Quebec. Are you planning to open a franchise or something like that in France ???

    12. Justin.S

      J’ai prit la peine de réserver et m’en aller essayer suite au conseil d’un chum. malgé le coup de presse qui en passant je confirme c’est de la merde totale, j’ai bien fait de découvrir par moi même. Super flux de réalité virtuelle, moi en connaisseur en réalité virtuelle, j’ai été enjoui par l’immerssion. Les demoiselles et tous les autres toys à dispoistion ne font que compléter l’expérience. À ma deuxième visite, je pouvais choisir dans Excellence entre la sensation Amour, peau douce ou dominant. Ça paraît du non sens mais non! il faut vraiment essayer pour comprendre ce que Ohmydoll offre. Alors pour le même contenu, ils peuvent à partir de leur système informatique te changer ton feeling. La première visite, on m’a expliqué que j’ai eu droit à la sensation sensuelle qui est la base. J’ai donc choisi la sensation amour et ça fonctionne absolument, je ressentai dans le regards des filles en VR comme si qu’elles étaient excité par moi à mort et je leur retournai cette amour. A plusieurs reprises, j’ai enlevé le casque et arrêté de baiser la doll pour me dire: ca n’a pas de sens, réveilles toi ? je remets le casque, je continue et le feeling de l’amour me rattrape. C’est unique et j’espère pour cette formidable équipe derrière ohmydoll de continuer à fonds malgré toutes les idéees de l’âge de pierre qui vont essayer de leur mettre des bâtons dans les roues pour des raisons inconnues (mais connues)

    13. B. Martin

      Fun experience! I’ll make a return visit for sure!

    14. N.Madley

      I recommend the Excellence package. It really gets you in a parallel world like being in The Matrix (the movie). When you enter the VR, you’re not the same person but in a world fulfilled by all your sexual desires, you’re sexual fantasies come true. I felt my body vibrating with different sorts of sensations, from excitement to desire to instinctively wanting to fuck hardcore, sometimes i let loose a bit and then it goes up again. That’s surprisingly amazing tech.

    15. Brocklanders

      WoW! qu’elle expérience! Jess ne sera pas ma dernière! Concernant OMD , classe A! J’ai choisit d’aller sur place et ça m’a bien servie car le type sympa a été bien patient pour m’expliquer le VR?. C’était 420 et je m’était posé une belle paire d’ailes et je suivais pas bien.
      Le VR était écœurant. Il y a plusieurs types d’expériences! On a l’impression d’être dans l’action. À un moment j’étais avec 4 filles dont une me donnait vraiment l’illusion de me parler à l’oreille. Une autre fois j’avais écarté les jambes de Jessica complètement et la fourrait comme dans les expériences solo. J’ai passé beaucoup de temps à me branler en VR dans les catégories Fantasy et Blowcow avec la petite machine, je ne pouvais pas m’arêter et Jess n’a jamais rouspétee? Mon genre de femme!

      Comme je vais revenir Et que je compte bien essayé d’autres duos et que j’ai apprécié les commentaires des autres sur les autres fille , je ne passerai pas sous silence la performance de Jess!
      Après les explications d’usage sur le fonctionnement des choses j’ai vite fermé la porte pour faire plus ample connaissance avec Jess. J’étais PAF alors je n’ai eu aucune difficulté à jouer le jeux. J’avais 3 heures donc il y avait vraiment pas de presse! On me l’avait placé flambant nue assis au bout du lit le regarde fixant l’entrée de la chambre. Elle les deux jambe allongées. Je l’ai laissé 2:30 plus tard au même endroit les jambes en l’aire et le trou du cul complètement defonce?

      Ses seins et ses hanches sont comme sur les photos. Un corp parfait. Sa plotte était vraiment réaliste et plus comfortable que son cul, même si j’ai quand même apprécié le visuel de la sodomie allongée sur le dos. Ses lèves sont tout aussi réaliste! Bref j’ai bien profité d’elle avant de retourner au VR et tenter de rejouer au réalisme de celui ci.

      Elle est surprenament lourde! Aussi on apprend sur place que pour préserver les modèles ont ne peux pas les changer de place mais ça ne change rien ,on a déjà l’une en missionnaire et l’autre en doggy déjà pretes. La deuxième en Doggy, j’avais Lexi, de belles petites fesses bombées que j’ai bien aimée sodomiser.

      Donc après avoir bien abusé de Jess et Lexi et de les avoir néglige alors que je me branlait en regardant le VR, j’ai identifié quelques scènes d’expériences qui m’intéressaient vraiment à recréer avec Lexi surtout et wow ? j’ai vraiment eu l’illusion de fourrer plusieurs filles en quelques heures! Debile!

      Un léger reproche toutefois est que j’ai pas trouvé d’expériences avec une fille avec des super petits seins et c’était vraiment dommage, une bonne variété fait du bien

    16. Leo-Bosano

      I loved The Excellence package. Professional people. It becomes more apparent to me now that real escorts will extinguish and businesses like ohmydoll will grow. Specially due in part to the fact that real escorts misbehave, not respectful, full of shit and let’s not talk about deseases.

    17. Nick H

      Ok, so it’s the Holiday season and this was my gift to me. I’ll try to give my honest opinion on the experience. I went all in with the 3H and the Excellent package.

      Setting up the appointment was easy, the staff was really nice and the place was squeaky clean.

      I picked Jessica and Lexi for my duo. Jessica was great but the Lexi i got (they have several Lexi)was due for retirement… Since she was the doggy style partner and with VR, well not really needed perfection …
      For the VR experience, the package selected gives you access to different simulations. In that regard, the selection is pretty nice and it was easy multiple videos to my liking. The person giving the Matrix speech and metadata algorithms to increase performance and realism…etc…Too much is like not enough.

      If you never tried VR porn with a sexdoll, this is the place to try it. The experience is very realistic and alot of fun, those 3 hours went by pretty fast!

    18. MaximusP

      Je recommande d’essayer du moins le forfait fantasy

    19. J.N

      Superbe expérience, mon duo incluait Jessica et Lexi. je ressentai mes hormones de plaisir jouir de partout de mon corps, c’est vraiment unique comme expérience et ça en valait l’essai.

    20. Escort the real one

      never will you replace us bastards. we’re true skin and bones escorts nd we give our clients real love fuckin shits !!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Josh.theodore

      The ladies are as advertised on the website, but the VR experience is simply amazing.

    22. S.T.O

      The difference in the packages is not because of the dolls. Duos (two dolls) are the same. The quality is amazing. To answer your question, the difference is in the extended reality, essentially virtual reality technology used in each package they are developing and the experiences themselves change depending on which one you take. They will give you a demonstration of all the packages on site. We understand that most prefer to know what they pay for beforehand in this case you will only see for yourself once on site. You won’t regret it but my advice is to take the best if you really want to get the ultimate experience.

    23. Jean Philippe

      J’ai prit en duo Jessica et Noemie. Je les ai prit dans le forfait Excellence qui de loin est la meilleure des expériences. Sensations de plaisir que je n’ai jamais éprouvé auparavant. Pour ceux qui sont sensibles au prix, ce service n’est pas pour vous. Cette compagnie la a investi beaucoup d’argent pour fournir ces prestations avec des expériences hors du commun, ce n’est pas baiser comme avec des escortes, c’est mieux, sécuritaire et les sensations viennent de partout et tu as le pouvoir de contrôler le degrés de sensations que tu veux avoir. Allez y sans idées préconçues et vous allez adorer. A la fin de ma session, j’ai reçu un message d’amélie avec une offre qui me permets d’en profiter des forfaits dorénavant à de meilleurs tarifs à condition que ce soit dans les 30 jours suivant ma visite. C’est une super belle offre pour faire retourner les clients et ça fait comprendre comment cette entreprise là sont des pros. En un mot: J’adore.

    24. Begin.E

      Can anyone explain to me the difference between the plans, I really have a hard time understanding and the site is not clear. Colleagues of mine at work were talking about your service, but I didn’t want to ask them questions. I am their boss! I’ve looked around the site but it’s still not clear how to choose. Are all the packages duos and if so then what changes in the packages?

    25. Christopher.P

      I recommend the experience for couples. It definitely spiced up our sex life! We could share our fantasies in a safe environment and without risking COVID. You could call us swingers but we found that it was a nice alternative to that and it allows us to focus on just us 2. A little advice for newcomers, what we did, my partner told me to try before we go as a couple. It was the right way to do it because you know how to explain to your partner and it’s easier I think, you feel more confident for the couple experience.


      Good question Nic. My wife sent me to try it 😀 Seriously, I think that sexually, it makes me feel better in my relationship. I don’t consider the experience as cheating at all. With the technology they have, your brain believes what it sees and hears. The VR helmet smells like a woman’s perfume. your brain is really in it live and you feel the touches, the kisses….like everything! there are scenes that you would like to live in real life but that’s too risky or unacceptable for we common mortals, its impossible to cram 4 women at the same time in real life… As an experience, it gave me more confidence

    27. Nic_L

      Ihave a question for you guys. Is that considered as cheating your wife? It’s only dolls and VR, so my guess is that’s ok. what’s your views ?

    28. John P

      This is innovation and technology, it’s not having sex like with escorts. In addition to that, there’s no worry about covid-19 ! it’s a thousand times better. My advice to everyone, go there without preconceived ideas and you’ll love it. At the end of my session, I received a message from Amelie with an offer that allows me to take advantage of new offers if i get back in less than 30 days so it’s all good. They know how to retain customers and it makes you understand how this company ais serious and are PROS at it. I love OMD. Sometimes it’s hard to get a reservation the day you wish. Plan in advance.

    29. René.L

      En Mariani, i got one better my man : the best covid19 Social Isolation Sex Solution hahahaha

    30. En Mariani

      The best Covid19 FREE sex solution 🙂

    31. Sebastien.LC

      Hey Jessythedoll, I feel sorry for you! To the point that you’re probably losing some customers, you have to advertize yourself here! By the way, their price at least reflects the quality of their experience. We realize this when we’re there and we enjoy it better than when we take escorts like you. You charge the supreme prices and we realize that we get fucked when we show up at your place hahahaha. Sorry but Uber has arrived lol!

    32. Jessythedoll

      Bastards, you charge prices like the rest of us. If you see this, I’m your real doll text me: 4383001630, I am a real human doll!

    33. Phil Lem

      Pleasant welcome. I appreciated the explanation and the demonstration of the packages that are very informative since everything is new. The person who welcomed me showed me the basic, pro and deluxe version of their VR system. Without hesitation, I took the deluxe in the Fantasy pack. The experience was unbelievable.

    34. Pierre luc

      J’ai le même sentiment que toi. Katia qui m’a acceuilli m’a informé avant que je commence mon expérience que j’allais ressentir probablement un plaisir que peut être j’aurai jamais senti avant. J’étais sceptique un peu parce que j’avais déjà réalisé plein de mes fantasmes au cours de ma vie. En bout de ligne, j’avoue qu’elle avait raison. Dan, tu n’as pas mentionné le côté olfactif qu’ils ont rajouté avec le VR aussi. Ça pour moi, c’était vraiment quelque chose. Bonne année à tous !!!

    35. Dan.Aubin

      Je n’en reviens pas encore de mon expérience avec Lexi et Jessica avec le forfait blowcow. Vraiment innovant. Ohmydoll a du grand avenir devant. J’ai ressenti des frissons dans tout mon corps, c’était comme si le plaisir me prenait de partout. La version Deluxe du VR en est vraiment pour beaucoup avec la machine qu’ils appellent duplicateur. Les filles te donne le côté physique de l’expérience mais ce qui est plus incroyable, c’est leur application qui joue les expériences VR et dans la version Deluxe, la technologie qu’ils utilisent te fais sortir les filles en Vr plus belles que si tu les aurais fourré dans le réel. Je suis encore sous le choc et je pense que je dois revenir dans quelques jours pour me faire convaincre qu’une telle technologie existe et que je ne rêves pas.

    36. Freddy.Rober

      Un article très intéressant qui vient de paraître sur ctvnews. Je suis content d’avoir tenté l’expérience avec vous. Je trouve vraiment que la partie que je vais copier ici de l’article reflète vraiment ce que vous offrez, dans mon cas, je suis un gars marié 🙂 alors c’est certain que je suis un client pour la vie 🙂

      *Adshade remains dubious that supposed digisexuals are turning down human relationships for the computerized companions available. She sees sexbots as more of a complement to human sexuality that could improve many marriages. When searching for a spouse, Adshade said people typically look for three things: a supportive companion, a loving co-parent and a stimulating sexual partner. As society moves towards a “build-your-own-marriage model,” it’s become clear that’s a lot to ask of one person, said Adshade. Sexbots would give people the option to outsource their sexual needs, so they can pick the best partner to help raise a family.

      Pour les intéressés, voici l’article au complet:

    37. André_LF

      My friend and I wanted to have a little fun. We booked the VIP condo with 2 bedrooms, one for each. It was an awesome
      experience. It was funny to see my friend not wanting to leave his room when I told him that our time was up :). He was persistent and wanted to go for a fourth run hahaha. In any case, the design of the rooms exuded sensuality and the ladies really did have a human feel to their skin. The OMD virtual reality is out of this world. I’m customed to virtual reality, but the girls I fucked in VR that day left me breathless and my testicles, well, very empty. The Ohmydoll services will undoubtedly be a worldwide success in the upcoming years. I realized all my fantasies: threesomes, foursomes, anal with extremely beautiful women. Nice technology. Just a note to everyone: we had to show our IDs because if you are going with friends, you must be over 25 according to their regulations. It is understandable and fortunately, we had ours on us!

    38. Charles.N

      Hey vraie pussy, your comment is a joke. If you need more money to buy your coke, just let people know. What’s your mail linked to your bank account? i’ll send you 30 bucks hahaha.

    39. vraie pussy

      You’re never going to replace us bastard. we’re true skin and bones escorts nd we give our clients real love. You fuckin shits !!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Xavier.G

      Thank you for the great welcome during this preview week. I settled for the Regular Doggy + package with the new damsels in a new stylish apartment. Apparently, they have replaced some of their apartments. From what I understood, the new apartments will be intended for regular clients like me 🙂 and couples. I was offered the blowcow Doggy + package, but I preferred not to change a winning recipe that is the Doggy+. Across the comments from some of the customers I saw here, I think I should have gone with the new package ☹

    41. Marc.Shulz

      We are tired of waiting for you to return to service. Please find us solutions☹


      Dear clients,
      In order to facilitate the setup of our new technologies (including new ladies), we will close temporarily for a part of October and the full month of November. As many of you already know, Ohmydoll is a tech-startup for which innovation is at the heart of our services. We do not only provide an alternative to escort services, but we also specialize in producing new fun experiences for our customers! Many of you have discovered our OMD TM VR experiences along with our young ladies. We guarantee that the future will be even sweeter than the present. Every day, we improve our technologies with our partners. As of December 2019, you will see experiences beyond your imagination, when we launch Ohmydoll 2.0! We cannot wait to see your reactions! We develop world premieres right here in Quebec and it is something to be proud of! We would like to inform our regular customers that we are planning a preview week from 03 to 09 November. We will limit the number to the first 20 regular customers who contact us to book during this week. In exchange for access to the preview, you agree to leave positive or negative feedback on our website. We are confident our new experiences will transport you to another dimension and we invite you to spread the word!
      Thank you for your support.

    43. Emry.Amredi

      Escort services are nothing compared to this. The experience is very professional from the start. I needed more lubricant, texted Amelie and 15 seconds later, she sent me a picture of the place of the reserve bottle. Nothing is left to chance. THere are so many benefits compared to real life escort services: 1) the doll won’t leave in the middle of the action, 2) it’s safe and clean, 3) you are stimulated from beginning to end with the OMD vr. It made me regret every time that I spent money on escorts that won’t even provide half the service for which I paid.

    44. Chris

      I decided to try without being sure this was for me. These are my impressions after trying the doggy+ option for two hours. The company does provide an interesting and original product and also delivers top service quality. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic about the concept. They provide you with efficient explanation. The venue is very well put together with attention to details. Basically, they do good business. As for the experience itself, I never had such immersive virtual sex. VR provides you quite interactive visual stimulation: it’s as if the actresses look at you in the eyes and your whole field of view is occupied by the scene. The doll give you tactile feedback and this bring the experience to a higher level of realism. The range of what is possible with technology has now been extended.


      We’ve received several negative comments recently from customers who haven’t been able to get a reservation. Please note that we are working on removing any ambiguity and further disappointment. First, some have never received a reply or an appointment because of their communication language which indicates that their only motivation to try our service is purely monetary (cheaper than conventional escorts). Ohmydoll is intended for curious, divergent, artists, entrepreneurs, tech savvy and novelty lovers seeking new experiences. Ohmydoll is not meant to replace escorts but rather to develop a new technology-driven market. Every month, we have technological innovations for our customers. All that being said, we apologize if you tried to book an appointment and did not receive for a specific day you had requested. We are setting high standards and motivate our team to be as efficient as possible. If we have no more availabilities for the day you are requesting then we will credit $ 10 on the Doggy + package and $ 5 for the single package. This way, we’ll also lose if or when we can’t book you for that same day. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, to a certain extent we are a imply a victim of our own success.

    46. Jonathan.K

      Merci Ludo pour ta réponse, je comprends beaucoup mieux! j’ai bien hâte à ma rencontre!!!

    47. Ludo.Giuni

      Jonathan, je t’ai déjà répondu à la question dan la section de commentaires dédiés à l’expérience VR. je fais juste copier coller de ce que j’ai déjà dit et ça pourra aider les autres à comprendre. Moi aussi, avant d’embarquer ma première fois j’avais du mal à visualiser dans ma tête héhé

      Lorsque les gens baisent ensemble…soit que les 2 partenaires bougent en même temps, soit que c’est juste l’homme qui pénètre et la femme reste immobile. Ohmydoll ont eu l’éclair de génie de combiner les positions pour lesquelles la femme n’a pas besoin de bouger avec la réalité virtuelle. En somme, la réalité virtuelle te fait croire (à ton cerveau) à travers les scènes qu’OMD te proposent que tu es entrain de baiser avec d’autres femmes qui ne sont pas réellement sur place tandisque toi physiquement tu es entrain de fourrer avec ta doll. Je connais très bien la réalité virtuelle depuis des années. Ce qu’il y’a de sorcier avec ohmydoll, c’est le travail qu’ils ont fourni à travers le développement de contenu qui matche très bien avec les positions de sexe que tu seras capable de performer avec la doll. Les dolls sont super belles, je ne dis pas nécessairement que si que toi tu veux t’essayer, tu es obligé de porter le VR. C’est toi qui choisit de le mettre ou pas. J’ai profité une fois pour avoir toute ma session avec Noémie sans VR…je voulais essayer mais finalement j’ai trouvé que c’est avec l’expérience VR qu’on a le plus de stimulation sexuelle.
      J’ai déjà 2 casques VR chez moi, j’ai téléchargé du vr porn mais ça n’est pas de la même qualité qu’OMD offrent et en plus, tu dois avoir la doll pour que ton expérience est complète…j’ai pensé à en acheter une doll aussi mais j’y ai réfléchi, ce n’est pas juste acheter, elle pèse lourd, à chaque fois il faut l’entretenir, elle a une durée de vie et plein d’affaires…fait qu’au final, je veux du sex, je viens ici. Pour les forfaits, je prends toujours le Doggy+, avec 2 filles et avec les orgies vr que tu as, c’est le plus gros trip que tu peux avoir. Celui de base est pour les amateurs je dirai ?

      Bon, Vas t’amuser et décompresser.

      Tu choisis déjà le forfait que tu veux. ils ont un forfait moins cher qui s’appelle de base et le doggy+. Dans les 2 forfaits, tu as l’expérience VR mais l’immersion et le réalisme de l’action est vraiment plus fort dans le doogy+

    48. Jonathan.K

      De l’aide svp, y’a tu quelqu’un qui pourra m’expliquer comment que ça fonctionne cette expérience là…je ne suis pas trop techno ?

    49. adminRejeanlapierre

      D’accord avec Stephane. Apportez plus d’argent à moins que vous voulez le regretter après la démo ? ? pour les rehaussements, ils permettent de payer par débit ou crédit sur place. J’ai fini par prendre l’expérience ultime de 3heures avec tous les rehaussements qu’il y’avait !!je m’en vais pas là bas pour faire des économies mais pour tenter l’aventure. j’étais rentré là bas sans une idée faire de quoi qui m’attendait, je suis ressorti plein de bonheur et d’énergies. Point négatif à soulever quand même, le vegin de Jessica est serré et un des condoms s’est déchiré. On m’a assuré que tout est entretnu parfaitement, mais bon, je suis un maniac pour ça ?

    50. Stephane.stephane

      Si j’ai des conseils à donner à tout le monde. Réservez tôt ? ça m’a prit 2 jours pour avoir mon rendez vous et quand j’ai eu mon incall, j’ai comprit pourquoi qu’il y’a de l’attente haha! Jessica est merveilleuse mais ce n’est pas juste ça, les petites bougies allumées partout rajoutent une ambiance féerique. Jessica, c’est le côté physique de l’expérience sexuelle mais tes autres sens se connectent à la réalité virtuelle et tu deviens un champion du sexe qui fait l’amour à beaucoup de belles femmes. Les mises en scène choisies sont incroyables…une fois, tu fais l’amour dans un casino, une autre dans un jet privé avec 2 hôtesses…tu pars dans des délires incroyables. c’est vraiment comme une drogue, tu n’arrêtes pas d’être stimulé. j’ai prit le spécial 2heures pour 140 et Katia m’a conseillé de prndre un upgrade pour 60$ pour avoir une autre filles de plus et une meilleure exprience VR…je m’en voulais, j’avais pas apporté plus d$$$$ , je retourne surement.

    51. Silver.P

      Amazing experience. Mind blowing…thanks for the service. Great business with professional people who know how to make you confortable. You feel that you pay for a legit sex, for excitement. The apartment is clean and decoration is amazing. They invested a lot on their business. i’m a fan

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