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Lexi is a beautiful Scottish redhead who you need to be introduced to…

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Adult Spa 2.0 Lexi

Lexi: HEIGHT 5’6 / WEIGHT 106 LBS

Bareback, Doggystyle, Missionary, CIM, DT, Anal, … (Cum 8 times during your session, no problem)


Booking : Text (QC) 4383200866 / (AB) 8258880011




*2 LADIES / $200 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $250 / 2HOURS
Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2 LADIES / $250 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $300 / 2HOURS
-OMD™ VR DELUXE PRO INCLUDED Condoms and Non-Alcoholic Drinks INCLUDED – Free Demo On-site




*2 LADIES / $300 / 1HOUR30
*2 LADIES / $350 / 2HOURS
-OMD™ VR DELUXE V2 INCLUDED Priority ReservationOn-Site Valet Service – VIP Rooms – Condoms & Non-Alcoholic Drinks Included – FREE DEMO ON-SITE




*$250/1HOUR/(BASIC)/1Trans+DELUXE V2/Trans+Fuck Machine
*$350/2HRS/ (DELUXE)/ DELUXE Version includes : – 1 Trans+1 Regular
* Magic Head / $50 ; Magic Hand / $50
* Extra Hours / $100 per Hour ; Extra ladies / $100 per Lady
* Bachelor Parties & Couples : Ask Us : 438-921-6311


12 reviews
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12 reviews for Lexi is a beautiful Scottish redhead who you need to be introduced to…

  1. Phil.Good
    You'll never understand what’s going on there till you try it. And once you go out, the only thing you'll think of is when you'll get back there 🙂 it says it all.
  2. Scott
    I resisted the temptation for so long and i'm glad i had a chance to try. The VR tech is unique, the beautiful ladies (dolls) feel real and the hosting team is incredible. I had Summer experiences and it was refreshing ????
  3. Gohabs.go
    JVOIX, to answer your question they don't book new customers for their Montreal locations, it's only members now. They are planning a bigger commercial location for Montreal for possibly next year and that's when they will probably re-open the doors to no-members.
  4. JVOIX
    Est ce que le service est offert à Montéal, j'essaies de réserver mais on me dit que c'est toujours complet
  5. JV
    My duo with Lexi and Pamela was great. The VR experiences are amazing and time flies without noticing the session is ending. i needed to extend my session for an extra hour. The host told me that by chance i got a new Lexi (just arrived). Fucking her was like fucking a virgin lol 🙂
  6. Scott.M
    Great duo. Lexi and Miko. natural skin, If you close your eyes and touch, you might confuse them with real persons. i enjoyed my first time. Special thanks to Amelie and Phil.
  7. AlexBec
    J'ai trippé avec leurs expériences VR. Lexi était dans mon choix de duo. Je retournerai pour l'expérience mais aussi parce que c'est propre. Pas moyen de pogner la covid avec des dolls 🙂
  8. J.S
    Lexi and Miko, i totally preferred Lexi, she felt more natural than Miko. Overall, it was a great experience. i'll come back to try the new vr updates.
  9. Josh-b
    The service is 5 stars! The dolls were fine but let me tell, you don’t go there for the dolls even though you think so at first but you go there for the VR experiences. The best technology I ever used in my life. There’s a guy that explains how it works at the beginning, he’s professional and totally knows his job. At some point, he went to another room to bring me my headsets after I selected my package and he got back wearing a similar outfit as Neo in the Matrix movie and told me, are you ready to go inside the matrix...that was funny a total experience ! I was ready for the Matrix.
  10. Valentin.C
    Wow, I made an appointment with Lexi for a Duo and oh my god, I'm going back for sure. Dear Ohmydoll administrators, your latest VR technology gave me a little headache but I had so much fun, it was amazing. The girls at VR were better than in real life. Congratulations on your technology.
  11. Ghislain Basques
    This isn’t my first experience. First visit was in early 2019. Had my 4th visit last week and my experience was the best so far. Yes, the price for a package like Excellence seems expensive but I’m aware that there’s a whole structure of development within the company and there is full time employees in software development working hard to evolve the experiences and feelings. My last visit was the one in which I first felt an extreme dose of prolonged excitement, a feeling that i never had before with woman. And then we talk about why Amazon is replacing retailers, Tesla is replacing GM and Toyota ... in short, technology is the future in sex.
  12. Admin@Ohmydollvr.com
    A new member to the team. Welcome Lexi!
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