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Experience OHMYDOLL escorts like never before with our OMD™ VR packages! Our exclusive partnership with BrainWavesXR brings you immersive VR experiences that allow you to indulge in your fantasies and enjoy realistic sexual sensations. Montreal and Edmonton

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(Latest Review)  Ken – June 26, 2023
Ohmydoll in Edmonton delivered a flawless experience that perfectly aligned with the informative articles I had read. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and helped me ma …  ⇒  ACCESS ALL REVIEWS


Unlock a world of sexual fantasies with the stunning physical dolls and immersive virtual reality technology from BrainWavesXR – feel the power of your brain and indulge in the most beautiful young ladies the world has to offer.
We provide a list of popular fantasies that people often request – find yours, reserve now, and turn them into a reality!
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Stunning ladies and cutting-edge VR tech combined for endless pleasure – your kingdom awaits!

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*OMD™ DELUXE V2 (Flow Touch/Hybrid Flow) . Technologies designed by BrainWavesXR (https://brainwavesxr.com)
18 reviews
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18 reviews for Experience OHMYDOLL escorts like never before with our OMD™ VR packages! Our exclusive partnership with BrainWavesXR brings you immersive VR experiences that allow you to indulge in your fantasies and enjoy realistic sexual sensations. Montreal and Edmonton

  1. Anthon R.
    Great experience. They provided what I needed in terms of relaxation and sensuality and the experience doesn’t involve someone else. It feels like giving a break and a massage to my mind. The VR side of the experience is simply amazing as it brings me to feel things as if they truly existed. I had a blast.
  2. Ken
    Ohmydoll in Edmonton delivered a flawless experience that perfectly aligned with the informative articles I had read. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and helped me make informed choices. Highly recommended for a seamless and satisfying visit!
  3. J
    I gotta spill the beans - I didn't go in with any crazy expectations, but let me tell you, my expectations were totally surpassed. The tech they've got going on is pretty wicked and it's like the girls are doing all the work. I mean, it's so realistic that you almost forget you're in a dollhouse. I had a real hoot with Jessica and Sonia as my tag team duo for the dolls, but honestly, it's the VR that steals the show. As a regular, you get to choose your own adventure with the VR flow and it's an absolute game-changer. The VR can totally change your mood and help you express yourself, which is wild. I just had to leave this review to let you know that this place is legit and worth a visit. Plus, I wanted to give some insider tips to all you newbies out there. Trust me, you won't regret it! There is also a private sex shop boutique inside which makes this place more unique. It’s full of discoveries
  4. Phex
    So first off, I just want to mention that I'm not a bot, writing a review cause this business needs it. I'm a real guy, with a real job, family and with that in mind, sexual needs. This is a great alternative to anyone who feels that might be lacking in their relationship. But also, it's a great experience for anyone in general. I've always had a piqued interest in this combination of VR and dolls. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Both the dolls and this technology is top notch, state of the art. It really puts your imagination to the test. If you have even the slightest bit of curiosity, give it a try. I guarantee it'll be worth it. Can't wait for my next visit!
  5. Jason.S
    The VR experience is incredibly realistic and immersive. Sonia and Pamela are great for sex penetration.You have to try it for yourself to understand how amazing it is. It's a unique and discreet spa experience for adults that you won't be disappointed with.
  6. Robert.L
    I saw an article on people magazine about your service, i want to know more.
  7. Patrick_Begin
    If you want to discover the next frontier of sex pleasure, then visit this lovely tech adult parlour and you'll be amazed by what's on the menu. It worked with me and I am glad i tried it.
  8. Bryan
    It was my first time and I went for the excellence 2 hour, 2 girls package. The entrance and receiving of customers is very discreet, but also very pleasant. I got led to a room and got the full run down on how to use everything. After that it's just play time. The 2 hours were over before I knew it. It was a great experience. I'll definitely return for another go. I also got to mention that the rooms are really clean and everything is sanitized to the max.
  9. F.M
    We’ve got used to think that sex is biological thing. Then I discovered after my visit that sex could be accomplished and satisfaction provided by technology. It transformed a few of my fantasies to reality. VR side of the experience with a great selection of pornstars is completely surreal and i see how this business might disrupt the sex industry in the years to come.
  10. AJ
    We came from NY for the Montreal Grand Prix event. We agreed to give your service a shot especially that it seemed well rated as a service, unique and legal. Not deceived at all. A special thanks to Montreal administration for managing our group booking for 6 people in a short notice. We had a blast. 3 out of 6 people in our groups were in positive disbelief after their experience, it was intense for all of us. I'm an IT architect and what i saw and felt with your VR sex experience is so advanced in comparison to what's provided on the market right now. Your market will be huge in the future and you're already positioning your brand on the right path by opening in different cities. Your service is bringing to the sex industry a major disruptor. The combination between the silicone escorts (dolls) and the VR you provide is sensational. The addon magic head did a really great job actually. Hope of seeing you open one in NY.
  11. Mike Davensky
    To be honest, i give your technology 5 stars. Your new addition of sensations we can choose from on the VR side of the experience is awesome. i willl be interested to invest one day on your business if you are looking for investors.
  12. J.F
    I took the excellence package with Pamela and Jess. It was incredibly real. The touch, the feeling, all was the same as fucking with real woman. I loved my experience. The additional virtual reality side of the experience is awesome. I heard good things about Trans-Mix experience, what do you think guys? Should i give it a try? i'm curious.
  13. Just.in
    The Flow technology from Brain Waves on Excellence package is really really really AWESOME!!!!!! I couldn't stop...poor dolls 🙂
  14. AK
    I'm a returning customer. Last visit was at the end of 2019 if my memory is right. In 2019, the VR experiences were just ok. I got a deal to return for a new kind of experiences. The VR with their flow technology is mind-blowing. For anyone reading this that didn't experience the last version of the VR, run to book one. My mind was connected to the women i was virtually fucking, i was so excited, i felt the heat inside my body, my penis was up all the time .... i was inside Jessica in a missionary position for one hour, i wasn't doing any movement inside her... hypnotizing. A strange feeling I can't describe. All I know is that i never felt so stimulated like this my entire life. Im usually sexually active with women and beautiful ones...i loved my experience and plan to go back as soon as I can.
  15. JT
    The wait was worth it. Thanks Ohmydoll!
  16. Alx.ca
    Yesterday I had my first experience, i found the feelings amazing. Everything felt real. i couldn't stop fucking, it's hallucinating!! Dolls with the VR, a perfect match
  17. Thierry-s
    The Deluxe V2 is phenomenal! I watched the Upload series on Amazon Prime and I wanted to try immersive sex. Knowing that I have a girlfriend, it was the right way to do it. I enjoyed the Excellence option. VR Tech takes control of your brain and you really feel everything... the women, the movements, the touches, the penetrations. Totally satisfied.
  18. Admin@ohmydoll.ca
    We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to all our customers. Your comments have touched us deeply! On this occasion, we are proud to announce the launch of the Deluxe V2 in its most advanced form (with the Excellence Package and the Trans-Mix Package). Starting from september, enjoy the best Real World experiences ever thanks to our new matrix immersion development. Matrix immersion allows you to feel all the movements perceived by the eye simply using a VR headset connected to Our network. We combine the work of our assisted software with partner softwares. Thanks to matrix technology, our VR ecosystem tricks the eye and the brain interprets all the movements you see by associating and stimulating the related sensations. Nevertheless, the work of our development team never ceases. Like any Hi-tech business company, we are continuously perfecting our technology and each 2-3 weeks, improvements are brought to the experience. The Deluxe V1 included in the Fantasy and the Blowcow Packages is therefore only the cornerstone of our matrix immersion! We are committed to providing you with safe, legal and above all very exciting experiences! THANKS AGAIN!!!
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