Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Our apocalyptic world may put a damper on our desires but sex is a basic instinct that can’t be ignored. Try gifting love and lust this Christmas season.
Here’s some advice for gift-giving. It’s important to think of the recipient’s tastes and wishes. All too often, the gift reflects the tastes and desires of the gift-giver, a common mistake. Consider, also, that the gift should be something the recipient wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. That’s why the best gifts are always a bit of a luxury or an indulgence.
Gifting love and lust this holiday season is a great idea! Sex is a basic instinct that almost everyone has. There’s always more to learn about it even as our apocalyptic world puts a damper on our desires. The following gift ideas are sure to be remembered for generations. No one will forget the look on your aunt’s face when she rips the wrapping paper from her Satisfyer.

Ohmydoll, sex toys and adult VR

There’s no doubt that sex toys are very useful. Why not consider giving an Ohmydoll gift card? It’s an invitation to experience a world of adult entertainment: exciting, pleasurable, sexual fun without the need for a partner. It’s no ordinary body rub like one from a traditional adult parlour. It’s a high-tech body rub, something everyone wants to try (even if they’re too shy to admit it). It’s surely a gift to be remembered!

Boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is all about celebrating the subject’s sensuality. Boudoir, which means “bedroom” in French, refers to the private rooms where women of the aristocracy would dress, rest or chat amongst themselves. A boudoir photo can be an erotic gift to give to someone else or to yourself! Undressing for the camera, in subtle or not so subtle poses, can reinforce self-esteem, confidence and libido. These photo shoots are also available for couples.

Sexy lingerie

Etsy is full of low-cost options in daring designs that you can’t find in stores, including sexy lingerie for men: a world of colour and fantasy!

Board games

Whether played with a partner or with friends, erotic board games can combine pleasure, fun and learning. Sexpert is like Trivial Pursuit, with questions and answers that test players’ knowledge of erotica.
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