Have you ever heard of a high-tech body rub?

Planning a bachelor party for your best buddy can be both challenging and exciting. It’s his last night of freedom, after all, so you want to make it as great and memorable as possible. Let your imagination run wild: Ohmydoll is open in Edmonton!
Let’s say it’s your or your friend’s birthday. What a great time treat yourself or your friend to a fun and stimulating high-tech body rub experience at Ohmydoll.

Here are just a few reasons that make this such a great idea.

Reasons To visit Ohmydoll Edmonton adult SPA :

1. Unlike other body rubs, erotic massage parlors and escorts agencies, Oh My Doll (Ohmydoll) is completely legitimate and is licensed municipally. All adult activities are legal, so you don’t have to worry about you and your friends getting into an awkward situation.
2. Ohmydoll offers the most powerful virtual reality (VR) sex experiences worldwide using Brain Waves XR’s (https://brainwavesxr.com) exclusive Flow technology. This technology enables the VR headset wearer to feel what they’re seeing as if it were happening in real life. In fact, these experiences can feel even more exciting than real life itself! The powerful combination of Brain Waves XR’s unique VR process with Ohmydoll’s sexy lady dolls and other experience-enhancing add-ons inundates the brain with heightened levels of sex hormones.
3. Our high-tech erotic spa experiences relax the brain, making the user feel rejuvenated.
4. Having virtual sex with the world’s most beautiful porn stars in a safe, hygienic location (now available in Montreal, Quebec City and Edmonton). Our locations maintain the highest standards of hygiene, so you don’t have to worry.
5. It’s an opportunity for you and your friends to try a truly memorable experience you’ll never forget! Your experience at Oh My Doll (Ohmydoll Edmonton) doesn’t have to be a one-time only event. You and your friends will love it so much you’ll want to come back again and again!
6. It’s an experience everyone can enjoy, whether you’re a woman wanting to try out your fantasies (such as lesbian experiences, orgies or solo); a man wanting to have sex without cheating on his partner or just wanting to explore new things like prostate orgasms or using the Trans escorts experience. Or maybe you’re a couple who wants to spice up your sex life or explore virtual sex with other people. Oh My Doll has something for everyone.

Ohmydoll – Edmonton bachelor and birthday party


A sexdoll in Edmonton at Oh My Doll location (ohmydoll) with virtual reality experiences